Exploating supercompensatory effect of 3 races.

Reading the Tudor BOmpa thread, I was thinking of a situation I came across.
National champs are 50 days out, but now, after the first races of the season, we had 3 competions (totalling 5 races) in a 4 day span…
off course my athlete is crushed, but now we have an important meet in 18 days.(after last race 3 days ago)
So…I could use the cumulative fatigue and superspecific training (5 100m races…unfortunately, the 3 "fresher with heavy headwind…) to obtain a performance peak…or no?
I had scheduled 2 days of complete rest, sauna and contrast plus deep massage on 3rd day…light warm up also…
from day 4, easy tempo and med ball…
I have maybe the opportunity to schedule 2 real workouts in this time frame, concentrating on 80m, and some starts.
weights will be present, 3 session, and some hurdle hops will complete the picture.
Any of you had the past opportunity to exploit a super concentration of races to have a peak 16-18 days later?(It was not scheduled to be like that, but a lastminute ineternational meet invitation was too good to be skipped…)

Between those meets and 23 june race, I’d schedule just 1 SE session, 7 days before race…working on a couple of 120, 95% effort…

The other real speed work will be this friday, shorter speed ( a couple of flying 20s, then a ladder of ascending fdistances, up to 80m)

Next friday will be just 6x30m from blocks, and 1x80 (30+m)


There’s an old thread where Charlie talked about Ben racing every third day, then some rest/recovery for supercompensation going into WC/OG.

So you might think about–considering what Charlie told me–7 days submax, then the 10 day taper.

Also, I’ve found that the infamous Asafa Powell “screw the championships” peaking plan works quite well–look up Asafa doing 4 100 meter races in 2 days, a 4X100 leg 4-5 days later…and a world record 14-15 days after the 100m final (that he didn’t win, of course).