Explanation of the Phases

Can somebody explain the details of these phases to me, like what should be done, volume and intesnity for weight lifting, and sprint training for these phases? I’m new at periodization and would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you.

  1. GPP
  2. Specific PP(off season)
  3. Pre-Comp
  4. Comp
  5. Recovery

you might be able to use the search option here on the forum and find some past posts that can partly answer your question OR you can read Tudor Bompa’s book on Periodization.

agreed with vito…
also freemans book "peak when it counts " is a good book not as in depth as bompas books but a shorter condensed version pretty much of the basics.

I don’t have any money right now, so I can’t get the books, but could you guys maybe tell how long each phase would last? That’s my problem.

There really aren’t any - while there are various reccomended time periods for each phase, even they vary, depending on many different factors and elements …

Try the local library for some of the above reccomended readings and there is plenty in the CF archives anyway.