Evaluation so I could know what to do

I did gymnastics for over 10 years now and I hurted my both wrists.
During 5 months, I only did some lower body training. I decided to start sprinting, but I have absolutely no knowledge about that kind of training so could you please say me what to practice principally. I will give you the more informations possible about me and how much I lift.

Age : 16
Height : 5p7
Weight : 138 pounds
Bodyfat : 5,8 % ± 2

100m HT (with a standing start): 10,97 10,77 10,92 (In this order)
40 yards dash HT (with a standing start): 4,52 4,58 (With a small front wind ans they were the 5th run of the day within 20 min so I guess it didnt help me neither)

Half-Squat : 8400 lbs (could have done more)
Stiff-Deadlift : 8
270 lbs
Bench press : 2225 lbs (5 months ago) (barbell)
Military press : 5
135 lbs (5 months ago) (barbell)
Leg extension : 2300 lbs (with a machine)
Leg curl : 5 * 115 lbs (with a machine)
Leg press : 8
1170 lbs (could have done a little more) (that’s 26 plates total)

Vertical impulsion : 26,5 inches

That’s everything useful I have. Ask anything else if you think it could be useful too.

So please say me what I should do to improve my 40 yards dash and my 100 m and what are my principal weakness if you are able to see them.

well first id take out the the little racial comment…and second are you sure of the times and measurements, i mean those are good time, and with such a good squat and great plyometric ability(according to you sprint times), why is the vert sooo low…?

Look around the site, and buy charlie’s books, that basically what most will tell you, because you have to gain the knowledge so you can judge what you need and how to work on what you need.

1 Sorry for writin that I just though it was important (I removed it)
2 Time are HT but I’m quite sure it shouldn’t change a lot
3 I will do the vert again to be sure (it’s a standing vert I did, with 2 steps I do 31-32 inches)

And thanks for the comment

HT isnt very accurate at all, have to electronic times to have a good idea. Thats what Im saying, at your weight with your strength levels you should be able to get over a 26 vert…

And where can I have an electronic time?

WOW, I didn’t know gymnists trained strength in this way, in particular at such a young age!

you seem really strong for your age!

Maybe enter a 100m to get a base electronic time? I am sure with your strength and flexibility you wouldnt have too much problems running a baseline.


I tried Vert agin today and I hit 28 inches, not a that big increase.

I always did half-squat (I stop when my knee is at 90°, feet flat), but I tried too box squat (stop when parallel, feet flat) and I only got 4*225 lbs. I founded quite ridiculous to box squat as much as to bench.

I will start doing box squat and deep squat isntead of half because of that.

Maibe next week end I will try to go somewhere they can give me an electronic time.