Epsom Salt baths

I finally got my hands on some of these salts. So I have a few questions.

  1. I’d like to verify I got the right stuff, “epsom salts” are actually pure magnesium sulfate, is this correct? That’s what I was told and given here in a drugstore.

  2. How much of this stuff does one use per bath. I got a few packs, they are 25g. packs which is supposed to be enough for one bath each. It cost about $1.75 each, so I know I have to go to the boots store and get it in bigger quantities. Lol, I’m sure there I’ll get this stuff for that price for a kilo, not 25g.!

Any big drug store should sell by the half gallon…use one cup per standard tub…that half gallon should cost 3 usd.

what is the purpose of an epson salt bath??

any links?

The purpose would be to reduce DOMS.
Cab someone explain the actual mechanism and give a protocol?

I will explain the mechanism later in a post called a grain of salt (see my last article) as for protocols I can’t since lab lounge members will get pissed!

Do a search for the benefits of epsom salts and/or aromatherapy …

I don’t have great data to hand - but some of that stuff is very interesting…

Aromatherapy is a very under-used area of recovery and medicine and one which will have increasing benefits for athletics in years to come…

As it states on the label for epsom salts, dissolve two cups into a hot bath. The stuff is pretty cheap, 6.99 CDN for MAGNESIUM SULFATE HEPTAHYDRATE a.k.a EPSOM SALTS at any Costco store (U.S.A as well) in the pharmacy isle. The quantity is 4kg or 8.8 lbs. So less than $1 dollar for a 1lb, which should last you at least 9-10 baths, 18-20 if you just use 1 cup. So almost 3 weeks if you use one cup but is this enough to produce the desired effects? It will still help but to a lesser effect.

I use 2 cups/ bath & I swear epsom salts along with MSM is the reason I can still train at my old age… I especially like the salts after track practice more so than weights.

Does it have to be a hot bath? Would it still work in your ice bath post-practice? Or would it not dissolve properly?

I also take MSM/GLUCOSAMINE/CHONDROITEN in one pill along with SHARK CARTILEDGE these supplements help my tissue recover faster from overuse injuries and microtears.

As far as I know, and the way I have always used it, is in hot (as hot as you can bare it) water. Anyone have thoughts about using it with cold water?