Energy Leaks/Force Coupling

Can somebody tell me what these terms above teally mean please? So far I think that it’s where an athlete has a muscle imbalance ie; over active psoas and an underfiring glute max. This would then cause a compensatory pattern and inhibit the athlete reaching full potential.

Am I right or way off base?
Any help is really appreciated.


a force couple is a group of muscular actions in which muscles which produce force in opposing directions both activate to rotate a joint. an example of this can be found at the hip joint inwhich the rectus femoris and the erector spinae both activate to produce an anterior pelvic tilt. the force of these muscles oppose each other but they both work to accomplish a given movement. another example can be found at the glenohumoral joint or shouldar joint where opposing muscles that cross the joint assist in actions such as abduction (forgive the spelling).