Endurance distance running, fast twitch/explosiveness

Hi, I need to get back into training for soccer next season… I need to do plenty of endurance to enhance my stamina but at the same time I need to keep my fast twitch muscle fibers in check…

Does anyone have any proven methods of how to gain true Endurance/Stamina but at the same time maintain there fast twitch muscle fibers created from weights, plyo’s etc???..

If the runs are truly at 80 to 90% of best time, it will kill your speed. You don’t play that way either. Extensive tempo is a better bet, mixed with short speed and acceleration days.

If training for endurance for soccer, I’d hit the intensive tempo: intervals of 100m-300m @ 80-90% with a walk recovery equal in distance to the work interval. For example, you could do 16 x 100m on the track sprinting the straightaways @ 80-90% and walking the turns. OR better yet, you could run on a soccer field sprinting the long sides of the sidelines and walking the short sides.

Thoughts from the group on my reccommendations?

what is the purpose/game-plan in soccor?

as an individual but at the same time part of a team you must

1-have the fitness to last 90mins
2-have proper skills as in ball control
3-be able to out-run your opponent

1-fitness,i see alot of teams doing laps,laps,laps and laps until they are wrecked.then the funny thing is they practice and go all out.first of all just practising a game will improve fitness,your threshold will increase with more practice.beckham was calculated to have run 4000m during some of his games.there is no need to do laps upon lap.

2-control,this is essential part of any sport.control separates average to world class players.control will improve with practice as is the case with any other movement.all the great playe4rs have incredible control and can dictate were the ball will land in advance.

3-this is my world is just as important as control.short acceleration will enhance your game.

soccor is about reaching the target(ball) before your opponent.how? being able to accelerate faster than your opponent.how to train for this? i would always highly recommend short runs over varying distances as in 10’s-30m.there is no point in going any further as soccor is a sport of short bursts of explosiveness.

ricky don;t waste your time doing laps.you can improve your fitness from the game itself as in practice games.concentrate on short speed work from a static position.also you can improve your endurance not only by doing lap upon lap but you can make it fun by doing biking,indoor rowing,swimming etc.half of the people i see get fed up doing laps.

you will be keeping your FT fibres in shape by performing the speed workouts and the endurance will improve with matches and your own work

Charlie, re. lactic accumulation/resistance training; would you always use 75% for more reps rather than 80-90% for less reps?

BTW I know Kevin may not have been thinking in terms of lactic resistance training.

Why does running @ 80-90% kill your speed any more than running @ 60-75%? Am I doing my speed a disservice by including intensive tempo into my training once a week?

mon - speed/weights
tue - extensive tempo
wed - rest
thurs - speed/weights
fri - extensive tempo
sun - rest

I decided to do intensive tempo on Saturday because Saturday is too early to have another speed/power day, and yet there’s another two days before my next speed workout and I don’t want to have two back-to-back extensive tempo days and then have a rest day on Sunday. I figured that intensive tempo was the highest intensity element that would fit into the schedule between thursday and monday. Can you suggest an alternative workout for Saturday that would allow me to be fully recovered on Monday?

whats the point is doing 80-90% on speed days when you can go 100%.runs at 60-75% won’t affect the cns,recuperation

Well, at least in my case, 80-90% runs don’t seem to affect my recovery as long as I follow up with a rest day. Now if I was running the whole unit of work as fast as possible (i.e. fastest possible average time), that would be different, but 80-90% isn’t that stressful