endless 75?

Have any of you heard of these runs? Apparently LSUs women trained that way in the 80s during the outdoor training.

basically you use a jog up, or buildup start, hit a mark and run 75m fast…then, walk back and repeat after walking back (which probably means a couple minutes)…

You are supposed to keep repeating until the runs start going 10 percent slower. Then end the session.

It would seem to me that running full throttle for 75m that after 2 or 3 runs its going to fall off ten percent rapidly

Has anyone tried this type of session? how many did you get to before a speed drop of ten percent? Did you use 75? or a less distance like 50?

Curious to hear feedback

Maybe a better variation of this in prep for outdoor season (SPP2) is Charlie’s split 80’s. Obviously, as they are split runs, they should be sub-max and not ‘full throttle’. Also, you should probably be within 5% of all times with these I would say, because I believe one of the keys to the split runs is consistency.

So for example you might do 2x3x80 with a 30m intensity limit.

If you’ve done any split run training, usually you’ll know when to stop as times will hit a threshold where you lose consistency. The volume obviously will be very individual, but you’ll notice. For me, my first rep or two of a session of split 60s isn’t as fast, but then I get in a zone where I’m consistently hitting the speed I want to be at. Then when it starts falling off, you stop. Also, I think a good indicator is that you should still feel like you have something left in the tank on your last rep - meaning, say, the rep before the last one was slower than the actual last one. If the last rep isn’t the slowest, I think it’s a good indicator that you aren’t trashing yourself.

yea i agree with all that you said, but i was curious as to whether anyone had done this type of workout with no accel limit, full through the finish, and minimal recovery… and just how long it took til the speed fell off too much…

i havent used this with my athletes as i’m skeptical about quality… its not supposed to be an spp workout…apparently its a 100m workout for holding top velocity…more of an outdoor season one instead of fall /spp