EMS - Positioning?

I’m confused about the limb position while applying EMS. Say you apply EMS to the quads should your limbs be straight ie., should you be lying flat on the floor or on a leg extension machine with the legs 120 deg?

Most of the complec info recommend the legs at 120 deg?
Muscle shortened or lengthened?

Either but if you use the bent one be very careful because if it moves you will be in severe pain! I personally always keep it straight!

I,d keep the legs straight. For details on treatment and pad placement, check in CFTS

Thanks for the clarification. I had read that using isometrics produce gains very specific to the length - but a lengthened position has greater transference to full range. With EMS being a type of isometric i thought a lengthened may be good. Saying that having tried there is a significant difference in the force produce in the lengthened state (reduction)?

but, if you use EMS with straight leg, how you can resiste to contraction? and if you don’t resist, the contraction don’t produce a lot of pain?

charlie when you says 10-15 EMS work to stimulate speed, how much recovery between this I must put? example 10-15, then 10 days no EMS than start again?

So then, for hammies, one would have then have legs curled up - ie on stomach with feet curled to your butt. ?? So that the hammie is in its “flexed” position and therefore cannot create movement from the knees

or, since the hammies Main activation in sprinting is when they are extended in a straight line, perhaps better then to have the knees straight, ie no bend in the legs. Which is opposite in effect to the quads - and therefore you have to look out for movement around the knee in the settings and power output

ReAding the instruction book of COmpex, you must stay in a position in which the muscle cannot move the joint (for ham you can have it straight but for quad you must stay in a position like squat).

on your book, mr Francis, the figure aren’t so clear but i noticed the boy use EMS on quad with leg straight, or not? and the feet with the calve who can move the feet.
how you train quad and feet whit ems?

Straight leg for the quads as well.

in the afternoon i try to do in this form!
so straight for every muscle. charlie in the idea that EMS don’t affect CNS, we can use it in 2 muscle in high intensity, and 2 muscle in low intensity?

By low intensity, i assume you mean in the pulsing mode?

sorry…i mean for example:
inensity day I do ems on glut and quad (for strenght)
low intensity (tempo run) day i do ems on harm and feet(possibly in the morning).

however i go to do this only if i can’t do the 4/5 muscle in the same day.
i say this because i supposed the muscle recovery is more rapid (24 h)

OK I see. That would be fine but I would be inclined to count each day of use towards the total of 12 days even though the sessions are divided between muscle groups. I’m not sure that’s necessary but i’d rather be conservative.

I try and say you the result.

the first day in this position. i can’t do 10x10" (50") but i do 16 x 3" (25" rest)
i noticed a different contraction and after more doms.
So i do 12 day of EMS in approximatively 3 week, then 15-21 day whitout.

For timing of EMS see the Van’04 download where the graphs include where to place the EMS. I think the graphics are also in the Forum Review eBook.

I use quads = straight legs, hams = bent legs.

I do:

Quads: Straight legs
Hams: Laying on belly
Erector Spinae: Laying on belly
Glutes: Laying on belly
Soles of feet: Standing up