EMS Machine

Does anyone have any experience with the Compex units, specifically the Compex Performance Unit?

Just wondering if this would be a good EMS machine or if anyone has any experience with it?

Compex is a very reputable manufacturer, however, I personally have a Globus speed coach (absolutely fantastic device) and have a great relationship with Derek Hansen and Giovanni Ciriani of Globus.

One of my clients owns, is actually sponsored by Compex, two of their units (sport elite and wireless) and they work as advertised.

The one you’ve listed, performance unit, is much less expensive yet has the basic programs and will work well for you.

If you have the financial means, however, I would strongly encourage you to consider the Globus Speed Coach that Derek distributes due to its fantastic array of programs, specifically the Speed Coach programs that Derek and Giovanni developed and are exclusive to Globus.

Most people will greatly benefit from performing routine Electronic Muscle Stimulation to help them with their goals of sport, muscle building and regeneration.

Whether you use it for building max strength or use it for recovering or healing an injury the technology has been used in Europe for decades.

Charlie succeeded and innovated his use of the EMS machines for sprinting. You can learn more about this here.


If you have an e reader buy it on amazon


Giovanni gave Charlie a Globus machine on NumberTwo’s recommendation. We loved it and have always enjoyed using it as it’s easy to use to operate.