EMS - electrodes for single patient use?

On my manual for my ems it says electrodes are for single patient use only. I dont know why this is, does anyone have a valid reason as to why not to use the same electrodes on all athletes using the ems?

Them being the sticky ones yeah? the sticky ones applied to say yourself will hold some of your own “germs”. If you apply your pads to Joe Blow, your “germs” will transfer to Joe Blow too.
Tis Safety reasons.
However, you can buy non sticky pads that can be washed. YOu simply have a container of either sticky goo or nonsticky goo that applies to the pads. The non sticky goo needs to be Wrapped on somehow. This way, you can wash the pads after each use and share the pads around as there are no “germs”.

Also, either way, make sure you wash before use, otherwise the salt on your skin can make it irritating.

Oh, i need some new Non sticky pads too, if you know where to buy them, can you send me a link?

ahh thanks again bold your posts are very helpful. Not sure about where to find the non-sticky ones. It took soo long for me to find a supplier that would actually sell electrodes (only in NZ though) seperately. Thanks again for the recommendation for the neurosport its top notch :slight_smile: :smiley:

yeah man, i have had mine for about 6months, and i still love it. :slight_smile:

if i find a place for the non stick pads, ill let you know.

I just ordered some electrodes from this company…not sure if they ship overseas.