EMS after speed work

hey guys

i am just asking myself when to use EMS-stregth modus…

the periodatation in the mesocyclus is quite clear(–>CFTS).

But should i do it 3x per week after high intensity day or after low intensity days? :confused:

i would do it in the evening with

10x10"max / 50" rest
15x4"max /22" rest

any hints??? :rolleyes:

I’d do max EMS on high intensity days. If you do it on low intensity days, you will be trashed all week.

excuse me, but EMS don’t tax so much CNS; maybe you can do after high-days and one or two time in low-days…

It doesn’t tax the CNS but it sure does tax the muscles! I would do EMS after your lifting sessions.

as you said it’s very clear, do it on the high intensity days!

for me its clear that you do it in a 3-1-3 cycle on 2nd and 3rd week of the full training period of 3 weeks.

But i couldnt see if CF uses it after speeds and weights in the evening

“Apply EMS work during the second and third weeks of each three week high intensity block. As our speed work, followed by lifting, occurred on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with speed endurance work on Saturday (Tuesday and Thursday were reserved for low intensity work, with Sunday off), we used EMS on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which gave us a total of twelve EMS sessions during the whole max strength phase.” (C.F.)