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ok since im injured with a strained hip flexor. I have been doing alot of upper body. My question is, now that im doing upper body and no lower body( stresses the hip flexor). How will this affect my speed with no speedwork, im thinking this is opportunity time to improve my upper body (max bench = 175x2). I lost weight, but strength is going well for bench(160 4x5), and other auxillary lifts i do are up to par. I’m just confused of how much speed i will lose cause i can’t do power cleans and stimulate muscle for maximum quick contraction and exertion.

I don’t think anyone can answer this question. You have to realise that because of your injury, unfortunately some speed and other training adaptations will be lost!

Do your best -as you are currently doing- to keep up your activity levels and your conditioning, so your come back will be so much easier!

Try and fix your injury as thoroughly as you can and you’ll be back in no time!

First things first…

Good luck!

senri you will lose speed but don’t forget that muscles have memory.just get the problem fixed/treated.maybe you can do additional work on your flexibilty or perhaps do additional ab work etc.make most of the time to rehab but rehab smartly

yeah, im not doing situps as it aggravates it and its really hard to do now. I can do crunches but i have’nt inawhile. Medball stuff with core aggravates geez, its like the only thing is anything around the lats and up that i can work on without it affecting my hip flexors. Whats worse is it is’nt a pain in just one area, it shifts around in my hips, one day it will be aruond the ilipsoaos and another the external oblilques, now the pectineus. Sometimes its also stressed on my left hip flexor area. But hte main pain is on the right one. Must be those new heel lift i put on my orthotic for the short leg of mine i recenty found out about.

My other question if any can kindly answer would be on now that i am doing 4x5 at 160 bench, how can i accel it up to achieve new strength gains. Its hard to lift the fifth rep of every set at 160, but im wondering when i should up it, and how can i do it sort of thing, thanks.