Eating on race days

How do other people manage their food intake and timing on race days?

Today (weather permitting :mad: ) I will have races at 1.45pm and 3pm. Breakfast is a bit later than normal at 7am (right now in fact :smiley: ) which is oatmeal, yougurt and PP at 11am I’ll probably have some cottage cheese and flax seed with fish oil, then a coffee about 12.30 right before I leave for the track. In betweent races I’ll consume some
Horleys Replace which I find quite good.
Would be interested in comments and what others do.

Make that coffee strong! :smiley:
How was it then?

PS almost didn’t recognise you with that new name… Thank God for that avatar of yours! :wink:

it is :smiley: …just drinking it now and leaving in about 15 minutes. Was raining earlier but has cleared a bit now.

I’ll let you know how it goes :rolleyes: back feels about 95% right now :smiley:

Thank God for that avatar of yours!

Thank god for the AB’s …Irish stew is on the immediate recipe :stuck_out_tongue:

Famous last words, it rained…HEAPS! :mad: so bad in fact that in the 200 my shoes were so wet my foot slipped inside them and I nearly fell near the end :eek:

Back to the subject at hand though, I think next time the same breakfast at 6.15am (which is normal time) the cottage cheese concoction at 9.30 and something at 11.30 might be the way to go, maybe a sandwich?..or some eggs on toast? nothing too much but possibly a few more carbs.