Dynamic stretching

have you found that you can do too much dynamic stretching resulting in injury or is it a case of doing as much as possible???


Clyde Hart once said: “the training has always been the same, just now you have fancy names for it.” He’s right. I hate words like dynamic stretches and dynamic warmups, they make my stupid churn. I especially hate GPP, SPP. Thats not what the East Germans called it! Im old school, my terms are aslo. When I use terms like main build up phase and flight phase everyone is scratching their heads!

I must admit to scratching my head at alot of things you say Tim.

I’ve never had an injury from dynamic stretches, but you can definitely do to much.

Before you add anything to your training programme you have to look at what you want it to achieve as well as any other effects it may cause. You’ve taken the first step in this by asking about its relationship to injuries, but that’s not the only negative effect it may have.

Dynamic stretching is great for teaching the body how to relax an antagonist muscle group while the agonist is contracting. However another consequence of dynamic stretching (in fact most forms of stretching, but more so dynamic and ballistic) is that the tendons and fascia become more elastic, which is great in some areas which need this and not so beneficial in others which require stiffness.

So basically it’s something to use a little alot of the time and use in some areas more than others.

Hope this helps.