Dynamic stretching

Hello everyone,I´m lot interested in learning about the dynamic strectching (following to the jog of the warm up,I suppose :o )

In actual I´m performing static strectching after the jog so I hope you could help me with a sample routine of your own or something similar.

Lots of thanks in advance

Walking quad stretch
walking knee hug
hip crossover
inverted hamstring (T’s)
walking elbow to instep
backwards lung with a twist
lateral lung

Leg Swings (lateral)
leg swings (linear)
A - Skips
high knee skips - for distance

The first section was mobility work done dynamically. i.e. low velocity
The second section was higher velocity

This is just an example, more would probably be added to the higher velocity section.

Lots of thanks man!!! :slight_smile:

I´ve read in somewhere that Charlie prefers that kind of strecthing over the statical strectching.It´s true?

I´ve read in somewhere that Charlie prefers that kind of strecthing over the statical strectching.It´s true?

Hey Caballo, how is ur training going so far?

Well about prefering dynamic over static, it should not be like that, Dynamic and Static are both important and should go together. Its just the proportion that varies. When warming up, it should be a little static stretching and alot of dynamic stretching (In that order) because you need to get the blood flowing, body heated and the joints loose etc for your workout/race and when warming down after the workout/race, the opposite, a little dynamic stretching and alot of static stretching to bring back the body heat and flow back to ordinary.


Few Static->Lot of Dynamic


Few Dynamic->Lot of Static

Experts please correct me if I am wrong, but thats what I always do and it works for me.

You are the expert when it comes to you!

One factor that’s often overlooked when it comes to the supposedly bad habit of static stretching before competition (or practice speed session), is that there’s usually more than 30 minutes (and well over one hour in a bigger competition) between stretching and the actual sprint. So, anyhow, you’ll safe with static stretching too. Moreover, you don’t have to stretch till your eyes pop out or till the sun goes down; easy, medium-elongated holds are quite sufficient.

A combination of static- and dynamic stretching has worked best for me too, and with better shape (closer to peak form), the less ‘need’ for static stretching has there been - but never as a ‘refrain by purpose’

DanielC and Lorien, tnx!

I am just in the phase when I am arguing with myself about kicking-out statical stretches and putting more dynamic stretches…
There are so many people saying that statical stretches are BAD, and dynamic are GOOD! Well, in training there is no BAD nor GOOD, but rather OPTIMAL or not! On the other hand they usually consider statical stretches over 15-30sec long (or even more) and intense, without transition to main session, offcourse it would be detrimental, BUT, if you stretch yourself with medium stretch lasting no more that 10sec, and then engage into dynamic stretches and kalistenics (push-ups, abs, lunges, bridges, squats, sumos) and do some drills after (A&B, cariocas, jumps, etc) I SEE NO PROBLEM WITH IT! Only problem is how much time you have to warm up your players… if there is 5-10mins, use progressive dynamic warm-up (joint circles, kalistenics, dynamic stretches, drills), if there is more, then use easy short duration statical stretches, and easyliy progress to HI main session using drills etc. JUST DONT JUMP TO MAIN PART OF THE TRAINING RIGHT AFTER STATICAL STRETCHES!

One more time lot of thanks to all of you,all you are great!!! :slight_smile: I´m learning a lot in that forum :o

Well one more question is if i´t is normal to take 1 hour of warm up previous to speed or tempo work.In actuals I´m warming up near to 1 hour so my training sessions take me almost 2 hours at tempo days and more than 3 hours at speed days (including weights) :confused:

The amount of time you spend in warmup is an individual thing. For speed days I do 30-40 minutes. For tempo about half that. If I had time, I’d do more. I think it depends, in part, on what you’re doing. I don’t do any static stretching until after a workout. I do some joint circles, jogging, mobility exercises, strides, various forms of skipping and such, some short accelerations and a couple of flying sprints and I’m good to go for most speed days. Depending on my condition or weather condition, I may do more or less.

On tempo days, I do a little jogging and mobility and then do the first set of tempo runs slower – as part of a gradual warmup. Since these runs top out at less than 75%, the warmup is less important to me than it is on speed days.

But that’s just me, everyone has different needs. I strive to minimize the warmup – making it just long enough to get warm and loose for what I need to do in the rest of the workout. I’m always amazed at anyone who can spend an hour warming up every day – unless they’re elite level.

Thanks man!!! :slight_smile: but why do you get amazed with that?Maybe it´s excesive for a non elite athlete?Or it´s just a matter of time?