Dwight Phillips, Is it just me?

Is it just me or has Dwight Phillips kind’ve swolled up? I know he trains with CP so I would expect it, but I wasn’t sure if he looked this solid last year. Saw him at a GP event this weekend and he looks like a monster (T&F lean, also, so not just sloppy big either).

I noticed it too…but also noticed sloppy form on landing…looks like 190lbs or more…not ideal for a 5 11 long jumper maybe…

lol he also runs 10.1 in the 100…ideal for a 5 11 long jumper

dwight has alsways had a problem “finishing” his jumps in the sand

what did he jump this weekend??? some video/pics would be nice…

He jumped 8.16 and got 3rd. Big is bad in long jumping.

I would think big to be bad in sprinting as well, no?

Well Asafa, for example is almost 90kg right? Most of the good jumpers have a very slight build.

Also it has been my experience that extra weight is more detrimental to jumpers than sprinters.

Someone forgot to tell Larry Myricks! Also when Carl boomed off that 30 footer that they should have counted in 1982, he was about 93kg. And don’t even get me started on Dombrowski from GDR in 1980. He was the size of a 7 room house!

ok i am bored. I know these stats are probably off, but what else do we have to go on?

iaaf stats:
lewis 1.91 81kg
myrics 1.86 82kg
dombrowski 1.87 87kg

pedroso 1.72 70kg
powell 1.88 77kg
bob beamon ? 0kg?

If Carl jumped 30’ at 93kg, why did he become a vegan and record his official PB in 1991? At least he survived the 1982 meet. If I jumped 9m+ and someone mistook it for a foul, I would have a heart attack. You’d think the officials would be a bit more alert when the best jumper in the world is jumping…

Also, if I were Dwight, I’d give Randy Huntington a call instead of Poliquin.
(Note: I’m still bitter that PSU passed on Huntington…bonehead move IMO.)

if this is true, check out all decathletes…these guys are built like rocks, but jump alot farther than me and u…

he HAS been struggling as of late…hasnt been on in recent comps…

maybe he thought the extra weight would give him an advantage…everyone is diff tho…

It appears Dwight is not taking-off from the board nearly as good as last year – it’s a question about technique. He seems to be “searching” the take-off (“pawing” way too much in his last step). This is often a problem when something has changed in the run-up – probably increased speed at the runway is breaking down his rhythm at the board since he finds himself having less time to follow through and thus rotates forward too much. Ironically, when speed is higher you often face yourself being late (in the jump).

I have some dombrowsky pics, was big, so was myrycks…but carl 93kilos???.
Btw,still great long jump guys are usually quite thin, (beamon, boston ,powell ,pedroso, beckford) , but have had some big jumpers as well( streete thompson for example).
Decathletes:all sizes, but the best, SEbrle, is just under 86 kilos on 1,86, Dan O’brien too was under 90kiloso on 1,88 or more.

Lets take it a step further and see what the build of the word record holders in these events weigh.

Long Jump-
Triple Jump-
110m Hurdles-

Here is the top 5 all-time in the sprinting events, pretty sure these are close to accurate, keep in mind weight flucuates, if something is way off just correct it.

6.39 Greene 5’9 – 165
6.41 Cason 5’7 – 150
6.43 Harden 5’9 – 170
6.45 Surin 5’11 – 190
6.45 Gatlin 6’1 - 168
9.77 Gatlin 6’1 – 168
9.77 Powell 6’2 – 192
9.79 Greene 5’9 – 165
9.84 Bailey 6’1 – 182
9.84 Surin 5’11 – 190
19.32 Johnson 6’1 – 175
19.63 Carter 6’1 – 170 (track)– 190 (ftbl)?
19.68 Fredricks 5’10 - 160
19.70 Gay 5’11 - 165
19.72 Mennea ???
43.18 Johnson 6’1 – 175
43.29 Reynolds 6’3 – 176
43.50 Watts 6’3 – 194
43.81 Everett 6’ - 150
43.86 Evans ???

Where did you get those numbers?? Gatlin and Greene under 170? Carter 170? Try over 180 for those 3 guys. Some of those numbers seem to be VERY underestimated.

Aren’t you forgetting Ben Johnson in the 60m and 100m. He weighed in the range of 173-176?

Lets get the top 5 average times in every event and average them…we will then take a ±5 deviation and that should give us a good idea of the correct weight for all types of locomotion requiring raw speed.

Let me know what you guys think of this. I want to include the jumping events of triple and long also. I think this method will give us a good idea of the body types best suited for explosive sprint events.

SHall we average the heights too?

sorry just skimmed through real fast, remember weight flucates, greenes was from the iaaf, and gatlins was back from when he was at tennesse, the iaaf has gat at 175. Greene definately raced under 180 for most of his career, and as I have Carter was listed around 170 for track and up to 199 for football, weight flucuates!

I understand weight fluctuates, but please look at some of the pictures of Gatlin from when he set the WR! There were pic of him from in training and he is hardly small. I am personally about 170lbs or a little under at 5’9" and there is no way Gatlin at 6’2" is within 5lbs of me–he is not that much more ripped than me, if at all. Carter listed at 170? Who are we kidding, look at the guy! lol I’m not trying to start an argument, but get real!

Vincente can probably tell you a little more about these guys as I remember some people here saying Crawford was a bit under 180 or around there, while Vincente was 180-185 and much smaller than Crawford when they met in person.

X-Man 170lb USATF
X-Man 199lb SI

I am just going by what I can find, I was just doing this to help out and obviously I have to go by other sources as I have not weighed these people. I am not saying they dont weigh more but me putting down my guesses of what people weigh really isnt going to help out here.