Dwain 10.52


10.52…come on dwain! his own sporting authority BAF will destroy this man including lord coe and his desciples, bunch of W*****S!


wind -1.9

Oh god that’s bad!!! Is he injured…I know he is gettin on but something up!!

i personally think he got a real bad start. you can see him twitch a little in the blocks but thats just my opinion.god only knows whats up but i really hope this guy does something really good to shut lord coe the heck up

It looks like all 4 guys on the outside lanes got twitchy and miss it badly.

46.5 strides for dwain…I realize he’s getting older and only did 6.59 in 2012 compared to 6.4X in preceding years, but I’ll say he’s slightly loaded(tired) from the ‘MVP training cycle’. He should be good for a 9.9 possibly by years end, as he looks more ‘frequency’ type stride in this race, perhaps cause of longer runs than he may have been doin in Britain earlier on.

He opened with a 10.40 or so last year at Penn didn’t he, and still ran 10 flat.