DW Training Journal

Sat 24th May


Snatch: 97 X, 97 Y, 100 Y

Clean & Jerk: 115 X, 115 Y, 120 Y

Tues 27th May

Squat: 115x2 (6)
Hg P. Snatch: 90x2 (6)
Sn DL: 125x2 (6)

THurs 29th

Squat: 120x2 (6)
Hg P. Snatch: 95x2 (6)
Sn DL: 125x2 (6)

Sunday 1st June

Squat: 125x2 (3)
Hg P. Snatch: 100x2 (3)

  • 1 of 2 failed on sets 2 & 3
    Sn DL: 135x2 (3)

Tuesday 3rd June

Hg P. Snatch: 92x2 (5)
Sn DL: 130x2 (5)
Fr Squat: 110x1 (8) off 90s

Thurs 5th June

Hg P. Snatch: 97x2 (5). 1 fail
Sn DL: 130x2 (5)
Fr Squat: 110x1 (10) off 90s

Found today tough. Should really have backed off but put too much pressure on myself to hit target weights. Had intended to raise intensity again next week but will probably reintroduce the full lifts instead and give myself an extra week to tighten up technically ready for 28th June competition.

What is the reason for such a snatch based program?

Just checking:

kg*reps (sets)

Is this right?

Yes you are reading the program correctly.

Re: Snatch derivatives

Hang snatches are perhaps the most effective weights exercise for enhancing power. Additionally, I can handle significantly greater loads in this version than in the full lift and hence they are a good way of conditioning my upper body to fix and control heavy loads.

The reason for selecting Snatch deads has been discussed previously on other threads but in summary:

  1. Increased range of movement > increased glute/hamstring activation.
  2. Lower maximum versus traditional deads therefore lower absolute CNS stress

Effectively by pairing these two exercises I can maximise (1) pulling strength and speed (Power!) and (2) the first and second pulls.

Good stuff!

Hg P. Snatch: …100x2; 105x2 (1 of 2 fail)
Sn Dl: 135x2 (3)
Fr Sq: 110x1 (8) off 90s

Thank God that cycles over. Seriously misjudged intensities. :frowning:

Tues June 10th

Unloading week!

P.Clean & Jerk: 105x1 (3)
Sn DL: 120x3 (5)
Fr Squat: 112x1 (10) off 90s

david w,
have you ever thought about throwing some plyo’s in at a very low volume?


Clarification: The above workouts you have posted. Do you do any assistance exercises at all or are the above your full workouts (obviously, excluding warm ups, etc)??

Well until Sunday that was my entire workout (not including warm ups) but the last two sessions I’ve thrown in some cable ‘bowing’ at very low intensity (see RF thread!)

ESPN23: I don’t like plyos because it’s difficult to quantify the intensity. Also I’ve blown out my gastro on three occasions doing jumps.

Don’t forget the Olympic lifts have a SSC - the double knee bend in pulling movements and the dip in the jerk. I feel jerking is a much safer and more quantifiable way of getting the plyo effect (providing your technique is sound). Doing snatch from hang can also be plyometric. As you can see I can lift at least 10k more from the hang than from the floor and thats because of the SSC.

THurs June 12th

P. Clean & Jerk: 105(2); 110
Sn DLs: 120x3 (5)
Fr Squats: 112x1 (10) off 70s

Squats seem finally to be progressing - was much faster out the bottom today. Another 5k and i’ll start full cleaning. Lookin’ good for 122.

What % are your squats at? You were doing doubles at 160k a while ago weren’t you (I think u said that on another thread)?

No my pb front squat is 135

Saturday June 14th

An extra full session this week (I have a rare Saturday off work!)

P.Cl & Jerk: …115
Sn DL: 125x3 (5)
Fr Squat: 115x1 (10) off 90s

Sunday June 15th

Fr Squat: 115x1 (10) off 90s
Snatch: 95 (3)

Unusually I am not cycling the squat but instead controlling load subjectively depending on speed and form. Am hoping I can make some progression in a traditional ‘linear’ fashion since my max has stalled (fallen!) for over 6 months.

David W,

I have noticed on a couple of your posts, you put “off 90s” or “off 70s”

What do you mean by this??

oorwullie: I set a count down on my watch starting from the designated time and perform each set on the beep. I suppose its swimming lingo. See Don’s ‘Rest period’ thread for discussion.