During the off season I...

During the off season I have been running with the cross country team. I never run more than a mile because I am more into the track workouts during the off season and seeing that the CC coach is the track coach he doesn’t mind. Well I have been working on some stuff for the 400 like weight training of course your typical 400 meter workouts and stuff that can make my block start better. I have been doing box jumps onto a box that is about 4 ft. tall to work on my strength and explosiveness out of the blocks and also a lot of jump roping. My main reason for posting is to ask is there anythinhg else anyone can recommend.

If you give a few more specifics as to what you are doing in the gym and/or on the track other members may be able to give a bit more advice…

If you give a few more specifics as to what you do in your gym work and/or track sessions other members may be able to give more sound advice…

Gym workout as of today consist of

3x4 Power Clean
3x8 Squats
3x15 Leg Curls (hamstring strengthening)

Monday - Acc. Dev. Block starts (120m total)
Tuesday - Ext. Tempo 65-75% of max effort 8x200, 4x500 (2200m / session)
Wednesday - Intensive. Tempo 75-90% (1-5 min) (1600m / session)
Thursday - Ext. Tempo 65-75% of max effort 5x300, 3x600 (2200m / session)
Friday - Hills or grass sprints. Something fast and resisted.(500m / session)
Saturday - Extended Warm Up and strides

As far as your weights stuff posted, i would drop the ham curls. They are to much of a isolated exercise to do any good and they work the hammies around the knee instead of at the hip. If you feel like you need a hammie specific exercise instead, do hyperextensions or glute-ham raises.

I might also drops the number of reps on the squats a bit…
You might want to read David W’s article on Sprinter weights, it is really informative.

Also I have heard that tempo sessions are unnecessary for 400 meter runners except for recovery but my coach has me doing tempo once or twice a week. Will it affect me negatively in any kind of way.

Extensive Tempo is good 1-2x a week and that’s it. On Saturday I would do hurdle mobility type stuff and some GS work outside of the weightroom instead of doing another tempo day.

You weights program would be good if you dropped the ham curls and added a pressing movement. 2+1…2 core and 1 supplementary. Save the ham curls for tempo days for circuits and things of that nature.

Your running program is very good. Stick with it.

Quarkthedark - Do Hypers really work on your hammies? I thought they were a lowerback exercise. Would you like to clarify on that for me? Thanks.

i also do hypers for my hammies and glutes as well as lower back. i hold a 25 pound plate to my chest and adjust the pad to my mid thing.

So putting the pads at your midthigh incorporates the hammies?

I was wondering if I were to do anything like 4 mile runs would that help my endurance.

hypers do work the hams and glutes also. They tilt and hold the pelvis whilst the lower back muscles extend the spine.

wayne, this has been covered extensively. Extensive tempo is far better than long runs since the aerobic energy system is workng at a higher rate with tempo and also sprint mechanics are more realistic therefore working the sprinting muscles better. The CV system can also work very hard for longer with tempo.

Well thanx for the advice everyone.