Dumbbells Vs Barbel

Yes today I did Dumbbell bench press, and I found it very hard, but I enjoyed it. I am thinking about, instead of doing military press with barbell. I will do it will Dumbbells.

Is this better for strength gains, and functional strength. Because your arms are working independently, and all your fixator muscles are stabilizing working.

I found the exercise more tougher even though i was on a lower weight. Ive been using barbels for bench and militray press for about two mouths. I can bench 87kg x2. When i did the dumbbel bench press i was using 30kg dumbbels but had to move down to 25kg, because i could’nt balance. Imagine if i could do 40kg dummbells, the strength.

I tried to find a good article about this, but can’t find one, if theres a thread about this on the forum please show me.

Thank you

Dumbell benchpress requires more co-ordination and has a greater range of motion than barbell benchpress. Which means, as you said, it requires more stabilizer work and can be used to correct imbalances.

While the barbell bench press on the other hand, due to requiring less co-ordination and ROM, allows you to place a greater load on the targeted muscles.

Note: You have to be carfull with the range of motion you perform on dumbell bench press as the lower the dumbells go, the greater the troque on the shoulder joint.