Drivephase1015 Training Journal

I had a week off after flag was finished, I felt good and wanted to hit the ground running. I’m also only running 3x per week so there is plenty of recovery in there especially when I hit wk 4 which is a regeneration week with lower volume on the runs and lifts.

I’m not concern with the recovery, I was more curious why such long fast sprints so fast into the training cycle at higher volume 3x80-100-120 is a tough speed end session.

Yeah, but I have been doing sprint work since August.

I thought you were just playing football in the fall.

We have a league that starts at the beginning of March. It’s a 32 team league so it’s a pretty serious league apparently. I guess one of the best in the country or so I’ve been told. So this is the downtime then the spring season then moving to tournaments then the fall season. It’s kind of crazy.

Are you still in the Chicagoland area? Where do you run 80s/100s/120s?

Yeah, I live in Naperville. The Fox Valley Park District in Aurora has a really nice 200m indoor track that I can some work on. North Central College has a brand new indoor track as well so I can get work in at either place.

Are either of those 2 tracks banked?

No, unfortunately neither of them are. There aren’t any banked tracks around here. The closest is probably Bloomington, IN.

I have only gone up to 80 indoors but wouldnt see a problem doing 120 on a indoor track.

The track I run on, I can fit about 90m on the straight. It’s got really long home stretch with is nice for flys, etc. I can get a lot of work in with out having to worry about turns which is nice.

Thursday, 1/7/10

Week 1, Day 4

Workout - 4 am wake up, 5 am workout
Max V Warm up
200m skip
50m of short warm up
600m (50m walk, 50m accel)
Dynamic stretches x 10 reps
Sprint Drills x 30m
Hip Mobility
Build ups

6 x 30m w/30m fly in at submax 95% 3-5min/rep
3.07, 2.98, 2.96, 2.97, 2.92, 3.05
Cool down/walk
Light Stretching

Ext. Repetition Core - 2 X’s Through Circuit
Solo Twist x 10
Reverse Crunch x 20
Twisting Crunch x 20each
Med. Ball Toe Touch x 30
Side Crunch x 15 each
Hip Thrust x 20
Side Crunch x 20each
Russian Twist x 20
Solo Twist x 10
Lying Wipers x 10

The workout felt better than Mondays.

Rep #1 - Decent Acc, but held back just a tad and didn’t fly through at 100% because it was the first rep.
Rep #2 - Felt much faster. My turn over was quicker and felt like I was driving.
Rep #3 & #4 - Felt the same. Not much difference.
Rep #5 - Felt slower, but yielded a faster time.
Rep #6 - Someone walked in my way during my accel at about 25m so at that point, I just went and finished.

I timed myself during these and just used cones as a marking. I would say I fairly on with the timing. It’s not like I would cheat because there’s no point and I would know something was up with the timing if I had the times I did then had an outlier in there that just wouldn’t make sense. I’m pretty happy though. Lifting this afternoon around 12 or 1.

Lookin’ good with those 30 times. Do you know how those compare to when you were running at your best? Also, any idea when you would wanna compete?

I honestly don’t know. I was kind of thinking of running this weekend, but my wife and I have puppy training. She was going to go visit family, but I told her I may have to work. So she decided not to go because of that and the dog. So, I thought it would be very wise to stay home, work, and go to puppy training rather than facing her scorn if I were to race. I don’t think I’ll race very much. I do have an alumni meet next weekend that I may go to. I really don’t think I’d run much faster than a 6.70 to be honest.

When I was at my best I had a few that were in the 2.7’s in practice with the gates. I don’t remember the exact time off hand though. I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I think I could probably get to low to mid 2.8’s towards the end. That’s my guess, but who knows. This does give me a good starting point.

Thursday, 1/7/10

Week 1, Day 4

Weights - 12:30 pm workout

Power Snatch 4 x 3= 125, 125, 135, 140
Snatch High Pull 4 x 4= 180, 180,185, 190
Goodmornigs 4 x 5= 135, 135, 155, 155
Russian Leans 4 x 6
Reverse Hypers 3 x 8

Lifting workout was solid. The high pulls were easy. The weight moved quickly and I felt powerful. Good response from this mornings workout.

Friday, 1/8/10

Week 1, Day 5

No sprint work today. Active Recovery day. I do have a GS session tonight.

Friday, 1/8/10

Week 1, Day 5

10 min Elliptical Warm up

GS 160 total/10 reps each
Push up
Hip thrust
Walking Push-Ups
Alternating Superman

Toe Touch Crunch
Walking Push-Ups
Alternating Superman
Single Leg Hip Thrust
Lunge Walk
Lateral Low Walk

Weighted Core

Windmill Touch & Press 2 x 10 each
Rope Crunch 2 x 15
Plate 180’s 2 x 10 each
Wt. Back Extensions 2 x 15
Wt. Windshield Wipers 2 x 10 each

Good recovery day. I have a lifting workout tomorrow and then Sunday is an off day. I feel pretty good so far.

Saturday, 1/8/10

Week 1, Day 6

Strength/Power Development
(keep in mind, all lifts are preceded by a 3 set warm up)

Hang Clean 4 x 3= 155, 155, 165, 165
Back Squat 4 x 5= 325, 325, 325, 325

  • SL Squat 3 x 8= 115
    Wt. Dips 3 x 8(each)
    Shoulder Complex 2 x 10 (each)
    a. DB Ant. Delt Raise (pronated grip)
    b. DB Fly (Neutral grip)
    c. Cable or DB Row

Iso Core
2 (4 x 30s)
Plank (on SwB)
L Side Plank
R Side Plank
Plank w/roll out (on SwB)
**add 5-10s each week.

Any tips on improving the 30m fly? I cant break 3 sec :frowning:

What kind of distance are you giving yourself prior to your 30m? Is your acceleration well in place, are you hitting top speed at your run-in distance? Perhaps trying flys at 10-15-20m first and progressing to 30m. Also try to relax during your fly. We relaxed muscle is stronger than a muscle that is tense.