Drivephase1015 Training Journal

I thought I would post a training journal on here. I used to compete and I guess I am semi-retired. I may compete in a few meets this coming season, but I’m not sure. I just got done playing in an 8v8 flag football league that started in August and just completed today. Our team lost in the semi finals last weekend and I took this week to recover and then start prep for our spring season and perhaps run in a couple of track meets. I’m a former sprinter at UW-La Crosse. Here are my year to year stats.

55m 6.47
100m 10.83
200m 21.84

55m 6.39
100m 10.52
200m 21.38

55m 6.29
100m 10.51
200m 21.54

55m 6.32
100m 10.30
200m 21.18

55m 6.32
100m 10.34
200m 21.31

2004 - Began Bobsledding as a brakeman - Didn’t train for track
100m 10.54

100m 10.40
200m 21.37

55m 6.27
60m 6.79
100m 10.63 - 3 weeks after torn meniscus surgery.

Missed rest of the season and 2007 season with achilles tendonosis and eventual surgery for haglunds deformity in both feet.

55m 6.37

55m 6.39
100m 10.53

which of these years were you at UW- La Crosse?

Here is my training set up. Weeks 1-4.

Weeks 1-3
Monday - Acc. Dev./Strength Development
Tuesday - Anaerobic Conditioning/Regeneration
Wednesday - Strength/Power Development
Thursday - Max Velocity/Strength Development
Friday - Active Recovery/Gen. Strength
Saturday - Strength/Power Development

Week 4
Monday - Acc. Dev./Strength Development
Tuesday - Anaerobic Conditioning/Regeneration
Wednesday - Strength/Power Development
Thursday -Active Recovery/Gen. Strength
Friday - Max Velocity/Strength Development
Saturday - Off

I was at UW-L from 1999-2002

Did you ever run track before college? I am just curious to what your progression was if there was one

I did run in HS and the majority of our meets were hand time other than state. I also ran the 400m until my Sr. year of high school, then I started to run the 100/200

100m 10.5h
200m 21.5

Times at State
100m 11.03
200m 22.32

Monday, 1/4/10

Week 1, Day 1

Workout - 4 am wake up, 5 am workout
Acceleration Warm up
200m skip
400m jog
400m shuffle/Carioca
Dynamic stretches
Sprint Drills x 30m
Hip Mobility
Build ups

3 x (3 x 30m) 2min/rep - 5min/set
Cool down 4 x 100m
Hip Mobility

Ext. Repetition Core - 2 X’s Through Circuit
Crunch x 30
Hip Raise x 20
Russian Twist x 20each
Med. Ball Toe Touch x 30
Leg Raise x 20
Figure Eight x 15
Elbow to knee x 20each
Plate Crunch x 30
Scissor Kicks x 40
Jackknifes x 15

Workout felt okay. I finished up with maxing the week of Monday, November 30. Went on my honeymoon and at that point was just maintaining till the end of my flag season which was December 27. I took last week off and started back up today. I felt a little sluggish because of the inactivity that I had. It will probably take a couple days for muscle memory to kick in. This afternoon I have a weight room session so we’ll see how I feel with that.

What are you doing in the weight room

I’ll post it as soon as I do it a little later in more detail.

Clean pulls
BB Row
Wt. Chin ups

Monday, 1/4/10

Week 1, Day 1

Weights - 3:30 pm workout

Power Cleans 4 x 3= 180, 180, 185, 190
Clean Pull 4 x 3= 210, 210,210, 215
RDL 3 x 5= 225
BB Row 3 x 5= 165
Chin ups 3 x 8

Felt good in the weight room, better than the sprint workout in the morning. The clean pulls felt very light and moved quickly. Tomorrow is just track work. Weight room is off till Wednesday.

Tuesday, 1/5/10

Week 1, Day 2

Workout - 4 am wake up, 5 am workout
Long Ext. Tempo Warm up
1200m Skip/jog series
Static stretches
Dynamic stretches
Sprint Drills x 30m
Hip Mobility

3 x (120m, 100m, 80m) 2min/rep - 5-6min/set
400m Cooldown
Hip Mobility

Weighted Core
Windmill toe touch 2x10 each
The Rack - 20k - 2x20s + 15 lifts
BB Twist 2x10 each
Reverse Hypers 3x10
DB Saxon side bend 2x10 each

I felt okay this morning. My hamstrings were a little fatigued, but felt better as I warmed up. During the workout I felt pretty relaxed and running effortlessly. The distances weren’t timed, but run at talk pace. I shot free throws in between sets to pass the time and focus since my legs were fatigued. I think during anytime that I’m fatigued doing an activity that involves focusing when your body is tired is great prep work for anything performance related. Anytime you can think to a time that you had to be mentally tough when you’re body was saying no, but you were able to have a successful experience can pay dividends down the road. I only made 70%. Missed the last one to go 80%. So, not something to fall back on.

Are there any other players with your speed in the leauge?

I have no idea. I really didn’t see everyone play so I can’t really say. There’s 32 teams in the league. There was apparently a guy in either the league I’m in or the league a step up that I might be in next year that was a 47 second quarter guy. I’m sure that there are some out there in the league.

Wednesday, 1/6/10

Week 1, Day 3

No sprint work today. Recovery day. I do have a lifting session at 12 pm or so.

Was this workout speed end or ext tempo? I would assume speed end by your term “Anaerobic Conditioning”…

It turned into an Ext. Tempo workout in the beginning because my hammys were fatigued. I picked it up as I went through the workout.

Wednesday, 1/6/10

Week 1, Day 3

Strength/Power Development
(keep in mind, all lifts are preceded by a 3 set warm up)

Back Squat 4 x 5= 325, 325, 340, 340
Step ups 3 x 5= 135
Bench press 4 x 5= 207, 221, 221, 230
Push press 4 x 5= 135
Calf Raises 3 x 8

Iso Core
2 (4 x 30s)
Plank (forearms on the floor)
L Side Plank
R Side Plank
Plank (forearms on the floor)
**add 5-10s each week.

So you wanted it to be SE?

Yes, that was the intention, just a little too tired.

What’s your reason for doing a tough SE workout your 2nd session back from football?