Drive phase

My coach says I should hold my breath the first 10m of the drivephase. Does this help movement in the drive phase?

This is a fairly common technique, similar to when lifting a heavy weight – holding breath when maximizing effort.

Personally, without anything factual other than personal experience, I dont think it matters one way or another.

Just remember to start breathing shortly after or it’ll hurt the end of your race. Once again just personal experience. Others may think differently.

I read somewhere that it increases blood pressure for a short period of time which was supposed to be beneficial

how can i improve my drive phase? i think to have a quite good time on 50 metres ( 5.68 ) but i haven’t got a good phase ( my goal is reach almost 10.6x/100m on training, this winter i didn’t make weight program/lifting because different injuries hit my tendons and muscles, but changing coach my times are bettered )

Off 5.68 for 50m, 10.6 should be no problem!!!

5.68 is like a 6.5x 60. i mean even if we are talking hand time, 6.6h goes to 6.84fat, and that needs .95 average for the last 40, very attainable.

Your going to run a lot faster than 10.6 based on 5.68.

many thanks for the answers! what kind of exercise i can do for improve the drive phase?

sled pulls, back squat, standing long jump, pogo jumps, vertical jump, skip for height, skip for distance, box jumps

Not sure if pogo jumps will help much with acc.

i respectfully disagree. pogo jumps can help with … triple extension, cns priming, stretch reflex and postural awareness. all of which are beneficial during acceleration.