a ver basic q on drills for technique and dorsiflexion of toes, forward boby lean etc etc.
Can you name the best ones and give a brief description of them. video’s links etc would be greatly appreciated.
here is a good pdf i found with reference to 3 drills.
A drills
butt kicks
i just having a little trouble doing them correctly.
thanks for your help
well the pdf wouldnt upload but its located here i think

Technique and speed development for running by john cissik

Do a search. Your questions have already been answered. Thanks.

I have searched but they’re all called all differnt names and none really documented too well. Wouldnt a sticky with all the drills and good descriptions videos maybe be perfect?

the search function isnt helping. if some can help then please do. i’ve gone through 100+ topics so far. Im going mad…

I guess you already did a search on Google btw,
here are some articles about sprint drills you can use for practise. Some of they with pictures. Try each one of them then back here and comment ok.






What is the difference between butt-kicks and wall-slides? When you do butt-kicks, heels try to «kick» the butt and what about knee level? Is it low (vertical tight) or is it high (horizontal tight)? I tryed doing both, but doing butt-kick with high-knee positions is almost the same as skips (only the knee-angle is different)!
On the links Flying posted I found that butt-kicks with high knee position are more specific to running (because during the recovery phase of leg, heel kicks butt in the time where knee is already high)!?
Should I then delete low-knee butt-kicks from my routines? I saw that girl in GPP DVD doing normal butt-kicks (low-knee)… confused… :confused:

This is the text-part from links above:

Heel Flicks
This is an exercise which has come under doubt in recent years. The usually accepted method of doing this drill is for the athlete to flick the heel high behind the body, attempting to make it come into contact with the buttocks. During this movement the knees are deliberately kept low. Detailed observation of the sprinting action shows that this is not an accurate part of sprinting technique. The lower leg does not flex before the knee is pulled through. It flexes as the knee is pulled through. It would seem that this drill would be more appropriate if the heel was flicked up behind quickly at the same time as the knee is pulled forward. The body must be kept upright and not bent slightly forward in the middle. The arms must also be used in a correct sprinting manner. The emphasis should be on speed of movement.

When I use Butt kicks, it is low knee. In the higher knee position shown, I would call that a step-over drill, only used when running.


I feel the low knee butt kick drill is simply a method of making sure you are warmed up and checking ROM. It isn’t really about “teaching” sprint mechanics. It’s just a relaxed drill to get you ready for the real work. It is preparation work.

High knee “step over” drills on the other hand are done to encourage correct mechanics. They can be done on a hill or at a submax pace (perhaps worked int a tempo session). The emphasis is on stepping over the support knee. I find it easier on hills because you have time to conciously control your actions.

I agree but remember, the steeper the hill, the less step-over there will be (more like the first few steps from the blocks). Step-overs are best on the flat of a shallow hill.

about the drills,
it´s true that we can ( should ) performe some of them as fast as we can ( course, after warmed ) “teaching” the body how to move fast ?


Here is a link to a discussion on drills and some animated drills

there are a number of threads on this- but- first do the drills right and then speed them up as long as perfect form and complete relaxation are maintained. As drills often occur in the warm-up, they must never be forced or rushed.

Tks Charlie,
too bad that i asked you about this just few hours ago… :o
I started to train with a guy who is + than 0.5s faster than me and he has a very strange way of warm, actualy, he don´t do any warm besides a very short jogg and 10 minutes of stretching before the 4/5 sets of drills he do, as always as fast as he can.
I´ve tryied to do this drills at high speed but since they are all new for me, i can´t perform naturaly. So, i asked him:
–You don´t get hurt from these high speed drills without warm ?–
and he said,
>>these is my warm speed, i´m warming while doing this at this pace…i´m doing these movements for about 8 years so, they are like walk for me<<
I´m gonna practice this drills every day even at homme.

Excellent thank you. A question though. When i try to access the gifs i am told i do not have access to the page?
CAn some one help or maybe post the gifs here or even send them to me?
Thank you…

I just spent the last hour searching for “Technique Drills” and variants of it and i did not come across that page? How come? All i turned up was training journals where someone said the did these drills.

Flying i turned up a post where you said you went from a 15s to 12s 100m in 1 yr doing gpp basics only. I was wondering what your time is now and what training you do now? Where did you get you info on GPP or did you make your own program?
You posted your PB’s, your 30m selftimed was 4.5, mine is 4.25 and i have still to break 13s. That seems strange. I definitely dont go all out for the first 30m when i run the 100m maybe thats my problem.

If the purpose of the drills is warm-up (specific warm-up) there is no need that their speed should be 95-100%, right? Is their number, combination important for this purpose (specific warming)?

My warm-up routine:
General part (used in every work-out):

  1. Slow jogg 400-1200m
  2. Joint circles (head, arms, elbows, hips, etc) - (srp. vezbe oblikovanja)
  3. Short and easy stretching (about 6-8sec) for breaking thixotrophy in muscles, giving me my full flexibility
  4. Core-stability exercises (big three from McGill) or a little of push-ups, splits, squats etc

Specific part (depends on the workout-example for sprinting)

  1. On 30m distance do 1-2x in easy fascion(not everything)
    • Walking on toes, heels
    • Back pedal, side shuffle
    • Jumping from leg-to-leg from ankle (ankling?)
    • Butt-kicks (low-knee, high-knee)
    • Skips
    • Drum-major
    • Carioca
    • A & B drills
    • if there is time, do a little bit more jumps, compass jumps, zig-zag in easy faschion
  2. Do a wind sprint 3-4x (slow in, slow out for about 40m) - not done on Tempo session

If the purpose of the drills is sprint position learning, they should be first done correlctly surely, but their pace should no be lower than 95%?? Drill used for sprint acquisition are: step-over (high-knee butt kicks), A & B, skips, etc. Is their number, selection, combination important for the purpose of sprint learning? How to avoid shot-gun principle and choose the drills combination for individual athlete?
Before couple of months we watched Speed Dynamics video where they stated that doing this drils high-speed improve max. speed?? Maybe with beginers… On that video they did butt-kicks with very high pace on a coach comand when slowly jogging, is this bullshit?

joconnor, seems that your spending too much energy in your starts.
My actual PB for the 30m is around 4s and my 100m handed is 11.28s ( i don´t have electronic yet ).
Back to your starts; i have 2 tips/examples from real champions you should heard them carefuly and work on this:
a) from Charlie/Ben: “Wait for it” ( put this on the search and you´ll find out what i mean )
b) from Mo Greene: U must use as much power as possible but not use energy ( so, again, wait for it )
I bought the GPP DVD from CF store ( you should buy also ) and followed every step from the program, there´s a lot of good info for guys like us. Actualy, the DVD is so complete/good that even sub 11 guys are following the program and getting good results from there.
First of all, keep your body in movement, i mean, work a lot your base, general conditioning, up your strenght levels, Tempo work is what i´m saying, and don´t make the mistake i did at the very beggining, the mistake of the “time X time X time”, you don´t worry about times now, dropp the stop watch, just run, feeling the movements, mechanics, breathe, and never forget the “rule”:
First do it right, then speed it up !!

Thanks for the advice. i have the ctfs and speedtrap so i know what you mean about “wait for it” but i find this hard to do and still run under 14!!!

I have the forum review 2002 on the way and i think i will do for the gpp dvd too. I was a little unsure of how it would help me as i thought gpp was more stamina preparedness kinda for preseason. You have changed my mind though. I will buy it asap. Is there an actual program in there to follow or is it all general stuff? You wouldnt be able to jot down a quick “table of contents” for it would you?

Man i’d love even an 11.5 100m and im prepared to work my ass off for it. The thing is i was always ready and willing to do the hard work and so i still have difficulty understanding the ““wait for it””.

Thanks again and good luck…

In terms of drills and explanations here is a great link:

I have both S.Trap and CFTS, they are very cool&good books but the 2002 Forum Review is a lot better for begginers when we talk about train.
The GPP DVD covers everything you need to know to run certanly under 13s. There´s a completly program to be followed, including a progressive schedule covering hill runnings, acc, flyings, tempo, medicine ball, and a very detailed weight program, etc, etc, etc…You´ll notice that your flexibility can improve ( must be ) a lot and your strenght level is always asking for more. The only problem ( at least for me ) is that the DVD is all in english without text format in any way, so, i spend 50% of my atention to heard and 50% to learn what Charlie is saying. I´m all sure you´ll drop at least 2s after the GPP :wink:

oh my god if i drop 2 secs to sub 11s i would be willing to become Charlie’s slave for all eternity. Itd be the best achievement of my life. Keep in mind i was ALWAYS the slowest since i was young.
Thank you and best of luck with following the dvd. im sure you’ve done very well!!

Can you become faster by just doing drills (high-speed) as proposed by Speed Dynamics?
I think… NO! Maybe only begginers (relaxation ephasis)… or quickness improvement but speed…I dont thinks so!