drills eh?

im just wondering about drills (a’s b’s etc) and how exactly they can impact your sprint times.

I’ve watched the Gpp dvd and i’ve a good idea what i should be doing in them but then when i sprint full out i cant really feel any difference. i know thats because im a beginner but i fail to see how something so “slow” (relatively) and deliberate can actually be applied to sprinting.

is the general idea that you should do the B drill slow and correct and then try to speed it up until you reach close to top speed. Then eventually the B drill will replace your stride and a race will eventually consist of a B drill?? (im not saying that too clearly but i hope you get my meaning)

at the moment i train solo. I have to really. and i’ve no one to give me feedback on how my drills look or indeed how my sprint form looks. im working hard on hills / tempo / drills / flexibility / hip mobility but when i sprint all these just go out the window and i go back to waddling like the duck i always was…

i suppose im hitting a low point now and just need some reassurance really. Thanks

The drills at a base are for a specific warm-up and as “power-speed” work. The technique is not the exact same as sprinting, but has specific similarities.

If you aren’t sprinting relaxed, you won’t run with proper form, generally.

Probably more of a strength/flexibility issue than anything else. Wait for those two variables to fall into place, and your sprint form will naturally improve. Once you feel like your physically ready, then start fixing little things technically.

But if drills are a speific warmup and not actually technique work as well then how do you actually learn the correct sprinting technique? By running hills? I thought they allowed you to enter the take off position?
I mean how do i learn to bring my foot over the support knee, cock the toe etc?

Mister C. you refer to strength / flexibility. I know im not flexible. I have no access to PNF stretching / sports massage so all my flaxibility work is done on my own. I know i’ve a lot of work to do here but im improving all the time.
In terms of strength im not sure what you mean. Is it general running strength built up by hills or a weight room strength like in PC or squat because i can P.C. 90kg and B.S. ~ 170kg A2G @ 77kg bodyweight.
I know loads of guys who never squatted who can beat me comfortably.

I feel i have a decent bit of strength and just cant use it because im flat footed or inflexibile or bad technique or probably all of the above. Im 22 and im fairly sure i cant go under 13.5. Its just frustrating. Im usually a glass half full type but im a bit p!ssed off these last few days…

Chill John,

Remeber this is December, I’d say you’ve probably 4 months of off/pre-season ahead? No?

Relax and just let things fall into place.

You need to remeber that all the elements that you’ve spoken about above are all simply that - elements and you need to relax and let it come together in time.

I didn’t want to say this out loud unless I had to because it hearsay … but …
since you’re not aiming to break a 100m time anytime soon, so don’t get too caught up on your sprint technique.
By forcing yourself to concentrate on the technique too much I imagine you could be tightening up - relax and let the power flow naturally.

Also one other point - in all your posts I haven’t seen one post on skill work - lets throw in a few skill sessions too.

They’ll help your form and keep you balanced too.

I’d also work on flexibility alot more.
I’m just going on a few clips I’ve seen but by the sign of things you could develop a little calf and adductor flexibility perhaps.

Flex allows you get into better positions, be more relaxed and generate more force as a result.

Relax man - it will all come together.

i know i know. thanks! it just drives me crazy thats theres fat lazy guys out there that drink and smoke and eat sh!te and can still run much much faster than me. I swear if i had any natural talent at all id have won HOTY 100s of times by now with the amount of training i do. and for the most part its quality training too these days…

The reason i dont do much skill work is because i dont really know how to. or how it should feel to do A’s B’s correctly. I cant get feedback off anyone. this was one of the main reasons i was looking to call out to you.
I do loads of butt kicks, stomps and high knees, carrioca (i think thats what its called). Im improving at high knees.

Also with flexibility i do all the standard stretches as in gpp dvd (and the ones any gaa coach would give you) but i dont really feel myself improving too much. Well i do feel it in the ballistic swings i do. Have you got any good links that would be specific to sprinting? Flexibility is tricky for me to get a handle on because its not really something you can measure. And i mean especially flexibility for sprinting. i mean its not much being flexible in certain stretches when they dont address the specific positions for sprinting you know.

oh and there is one 100m time i could easily break. namely the slowest one ever ran by any half serious athlete. >14s FFS…
Some athlete i am eh…

J i have offerred you the chance before to meet me so i can show you drills etc and to have a look at your technique.i know the correct positions and have sound mechanical knowledge so if you would like to meet soon them PM me.

remember rome wasn’t built ina day but there are ways of building faster!

Hello Joconnor , reading the above words from you seems to me like if I was looking myself at a mirror(or nearly)

I live in a little town in Spain (where speed training is not one of the GOD´s gifts) and I´m having lot of problems to learn the properly form to performe drills and other kinds of technique exercises.

By other side I have the problem of the language (I can´t speak English ussually) so you could imagine the lots of difficulties that I´m hitting everyday. :o

To be honest , I can´t tell that I´m so slow as you refer (I´m performing the 100 mt. dash at less than 11 seconds , but that fact is due to my genetics I suppose , cause I only have 3 months of chaos-training) however I´ve got lot of problems to learn and performe my training in a similar manner than yours.

I feel discourage near everyday , but then I try to remenber that speed-training is not a way you can run in a day , so I´ll try to do my best everyday , trying to learn and read all what I can find and trying to have a bit of patience.

My advice is simply : Be patience and try to read,search,post and learn all what you can but without pushing yourself too much.

One more thing , don´t push yourself with the fact of the genetics by other people.Believe me that´s not a healthy choice!!! :wink:

Hello X-man , I´ve read what you posted and I guess if you could help me to know where I can learn more of that aspects of speed training
(I´ve got a pair of books CFTS and SPORTS SPEED from Tellez and …but I can´t find enough information on drills perfomance)

Well hope you could help us :slight_smile:
Have a good time!!!

Hi cabello,
there isnt really much advice i can give you as your times are already far beyond even my wildest dreams (my ultimate goal would be under 12s)…
Just keep it up and possibly buy the Gpp dvd. there is a short piece on the A’s B’s drills in there. good luck

While im here i have a few q’s on hurdle hip mobility drills

when im stepping over the hurdle should i bring my knee straight up to my chest ala sprint action or kind of do a circular rotation with my hip so my foot goes over the outside of the hurdle and hence its easier?
I think i already know the answer but its unclear from the dvd.
also should i “bounce” on the supporting leg as i go over to give me the extra inch i need to get over? the girl in the dvd does but i presume itd be better to not.

I find the over and unders easier as when im coming up i can get a good bounce in so i pass over the hurdle easier.

Anyway i’ve loads of work to do on these. Truly an excellent drill. exactly what i need to help with my dynamic flexibility…

Now last question. I’ve built up quite a bit of muscle upper and lower body. I weigh 180lbs @ ~10% BF. Im 5’ 10". When i look in the mirror i look nothing like a runner. too big in the chest area and qlutes. i think sometimes im too heavy but playing a contact sport it does come in handy. also my BF is about as low as i can ever see it getting. im naturally fat. Would it be better for me to try shed some of that muscle / fat and get down to 170lbs or would that just affect my power / strength levels. It may be impossible for me anyway. Also there’s loads of guys heavier than me that are quick so i doubt its my weight thats holding me back…

actually this is the last q for tonight.
I have a pain in my right heel whenever i start jogging. It goes away after 5 mins but its quiet sore and every step hurts until i presume it loosens out. Its been at me for as long as i can remember but i always just ignored it and it went away. Anyone got any ideas what it might be? Im going to the physio tomorrow so i’ll ask her but i’ve already got a shoulder and knee to look at. also i find that its a kind of abstract pain and being honest i doubt the physio will know what it is. i have little faith in physios to be honest. same solution to every injury. RICE. and i could do that myself. waste of €50

caballo…get your hands on the dvds.you will learn alot from them all drills etc are shown and worth every penny

Actually went I meant skill work I meant HURLING skill work!!!

Re-read the post with that in mind.

There are plenty of guys who will take to the fields next Jan-March with plenty of fitness and strength and no skill or agility!!!

I think you might be putting too much pressure on yourself to use ‘proper technique’.
Bear in mind most things here are for pure sprinters - not everything applies directly to other sports - the theories may of course, but actual practise may not.

Now please don’t read anything I’m posting as criticism, but just stick to the basic frame work.

Also the degree to which you train MUST be balanced by a similar degree of regeneration and this includes auxilary work that you need to source such as good maseuses etc.

Another thing -
Why are you doing high knees and butt kicks?
What kind of tempo work are you doing?

Running fast does not alone get you faster!

Maybe post a general outline of your program and plan including progression and let X-man and I post our thoughts.
Also the next time you’re with her - get that physio of yours to assess you and do some flexibility and massage work to your lower body!

Listen … keep the head up and relax a little more with your training

We’ll talk again soon.


Like I said to you before, there is a number of things here that are saying to me
“Whoay horse!!!”

A variety of niggles …

  • Knee Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck pain
    Running ‘slow’ (athletes mental perception)
    Tightness (lack of flexibility)
    Lack of motivation - poor mindset

IMO (from what I am hearing) you are over-training.

Take a break and unloading week, relax go to the zoo and read a new book.

Or I’m afraid the next pain may be more serious.

thanks again.

hurling skill was never a problem for me. I was born with a stick in my hand and always have good touch after a few weeks back. thats the only reason i’ve been able to compete at all considering how slow i am. I can “read” the play very well and this makes up for my lack of pace. I swear if someone tells me again “you’ve great hands but no pace” i will cry. I just think if i have close to the same speed as everyone else i would be so much better…

the knee pain turned out to be a slight strain on the top of my calf. my heel seems to have to do with how tight my calves are and possibly my feet. Im thinking about looking into orthotics. Anyone have any remarks on these insoles??

I do have a lack of flexibilty but im finding it hard to work on, on my own. Although tonight i find i can raise my knee and hold it well above parallel with no hands so maybe i am improving flexibility wise but im just too beat up to notice. also high knee drills are getting easier and a’s and b’s too so that must be a good thing…

Anyway. Taking a few days off now. Off work and everything to relax, get some physio/massage work done and plan ahead.

There’s gonna be a huge push by me starting 2nd January so i have to be ready. Need to get my head cleared and my body sound and i should be ready for my best year ever in 06

Told you - tight calves!!!

I’d try and fix the problem first
Insoles could in many cases only worsen the problem.
Many people here in Eire would not be qualified or experienced enough to treat athletes correctly.

That’s it Kid

Remember that training improvements have more to do with how you manage your rest and relaxation and how well you recover rather than many cases how hard you train.

In many, many cases hard training is the wrong option.

Well it seems so so clear that I must get the CF GPP dvd. :slight_smile:

I´ve just ask to bring me the dvd a canadian friend of mine who´s gonna visit me (in my country) in a pair of weeks.So I count the days till´she comes with the dvd I have lot of expectations with that dvd :slight_smile:

I hope I can learn enough to manage and desing my future workouts for the next coming year :o

Have a good time all of you !!! see you later :slight_smile:

C trust me you will learn alot from them.