Dr Squats Vertical Program

I think im going to do this program

Obviously, I think im going to have to throw in some back excercises to try to make this a complete weight lifting routine. But overall what do you guys think of this as far as the weightlifting side of things (I will do other sports related stuff on side). Does anyone see any deficiencies in the program if used for a complete weightlifing program?

Fred Jr.'s at it again. He once came into a gym I worked at to give a presentation to some trainers there. His comments were, “if the weight is a bit heavy on bench, go ahead and BOUNCE that bar off of your chest!!” Sorry, I’m sure he’s great :eek:

The program looks good to me. Just be sure to include other aspects of athletic performance in your training such as conditioning, speed training etc. Also make sure you add other exercises into the weight training, like rows for your back.