Doha 2019

[b]One major challenge of these games will be extreme heat.

It’s 88 degrees F at 12 midnight.

These games will show who’s speed reserve will be the most robust.

Who will take the men’s and woman’s 100m final.

What about the 200m and what about the 400m?

Which events are going to be the most exciting?[/b]

I have the most expectations for the women’s 100m where I believe Dina could medal (but the colour, no idea) I believe SFP will turn up the heat and run a low 10.7 to win

Men’s 200, if he can handle the pressure Lyle could go around or possibly under 19.5 for the win

The 400 men’s however, not a got a clue who is taking this, no one really showing the form of early season which indicates some went back into training (long season) but as yet haven’t turned it back up.

SFP or elaine are my pics for the 100. men id say coleman. womens 200 is up for grabs. mens 200 should be lyles (i really dislike lyles, he is a fucking clown…a lame one at that)

Coleman = easy $…

4 of the top 10 male 100m sprinters are from the USA. Russia has one guy who won’t be an issue any longer. Britain has one guy who’s ranked 4th, Blake is 5th from Jamaica, then China has Xie in 7th. Degrease is 9th but no way in my opinion will he make up this lost ground he allowed to happen. Sadly for him but Canada has also allowed this to happen. 10th spot goes to Ivory Coast.
( 11th Britain again, 12th Jamaica and I find the dominance of the USA in the top 10 fascinating.

The woman is different with more emphasis on Jamaica in the top 3. Asher in number one spot, SAP in 2nd and ET 3rd. I’d like to see Dafne Schippers win because she is from the Netherlands and my grandfather was Dutch. 4th you have Ivory Coast, and only 1 female in top 10 from USA.

Coleman is so much younger than Gatlin and not that I think Gatlin can’t win but this heat would work in Coleman’s favor big time. It’s a big enough factor that could tip the scales just enough in favor of the youngsters on the team.

He is young so give him a chance.

The woman’s 100m will be interesting with the top three woman ranked. Do the Jamaican’s have an advantage in Doha because of the heat? I guess it depends how much each of them have been acclimatizing and over what time frame and where.

Gatlin is a OG - gold or silver… Don’t count him out!!!

I know. Anything can happen. It will be interesting.

Seems like Andre coach is getting him back on track.

good job altis…

shelly looked amazing

I don’t know why but CC start remind me of Ben Johnson.

MJ is a fuckin hater. Sit yo ass down!!!



All gas.

Dude stop - he’s a great kid.

PJV had CC at 6.32 sec. at the 60m mark and 3.44 for the final 40m.
Gatlin at 6.42 and 3.47
ADG at 6.49 (5th) and 3.41.

noah gold
andre silver

Man I promise you Noah & his brother are cool as heck… Met them at USA outdoor last year… I sat with his family & they all were awesome.

Yep - great kid. Some people may call him corny but hey he’s a artist.

If anyone is interested…here is a link to watch the event live

Men’s 400MH is about to start.

Let’s go Raj Lane 7

He is a clown with all that Damn chalk in his head. Degrasse for the upset