Does Stretching Make You Weaker? Or....??


Static stretching, in which you move into an exaggerated position and hold it, temporarily weakens your muscles. But there is evidence to suggest that stretching can also increase strength, if you add weight to it. Try this trick, and you’ll instantly increase your pullup power.


After your first set of pullups, rest, and then grab onto the bar again as if you were going to begin another set. Just hang there for 15 seconds, concentrating on the stretch in your lats. Now let go of the bar and rest 30 seconds. Afterward, begin your next set of pullups. We bet you’ll be able to get a few more reps, or, if you’re doing weighted pullups, you’ll be able to add a little more weight. Stretching a muscle with resistance (in this case, your body weight in a dead hang) creates elastic energy in the muscles and tendons that’s stored until your next set. When you begin your next pullup, the energy will be released and propel you upward, like a boost from an invisible hand.

a statement or a question?

is that true? how could you “load the legs” for say… squats?

Definitely trying this today since Im doing pull ups anyways. So how could this method be used to something like the bench press? deadlifts? squats? or anything else useful.

Sounds like “tricking” the nervous system into recruiting more MU temporarily as you adjust to a heavier load for a few seconds.

For example, taking out a squat 105-110% of your 1RM from the rack for a few seconds, racking the weight, then performing your normal work sets would essentially make everything feel lighter.

Personally I would just stick to normal loading parameters and leave this kinda stuff for special planning, possibly intense training cycles, etc… Never used this before but I would use caution.

behind it, but how long is the effect supposed to last. I know using wave loading works to a degree. Research suggests the stretch reflex dissapates completely in roughly 5 seconds. I guess I will try it just to see if it has any effect. No better way than self experimentation.

Dude, you have got this all twisted around and the effect you’re experiencing is with out a doubt a palecbo.
The so called Stretch Muscle Reflex is a fact. However it is not achieved by stretching, in fact, stretching inhibits the possibility to create a so called Stretch Muscle Reflex.
The reflex is engaged to protect the muscle from a rupture, which happens when you preform a quick motion that is too long for the muscle to handle. When you stretch for 15 sec, all you do is increase the lenght of the muscle slowly and makes the tendon “flappy”.
A metaphor could be a rubber band, when pulled and released it snapps back. But when pulled and kept for say, a week, it will not be snapping back, it will be flapping back =)
For example, a discus thrower uses the stretch reflex as he engages his last step, the throw. But he builds up the energy in his m. Pectoralis Major by increasing the length of it during the spin. The longer he can keep the upper body separated from the lower body the greater a force will he be able to put into the throw!