Does a young training age give you a license to train extremely hard?

I’ve heard that you don’t have to worry about taxing your cns when your of a young training age. In my case i have had on and off stints of training for sprinting since senior year in highschool but have only now decided to give it a full time commitment. So what i want to know is, Does this factor give me a licence to train extremely hard up until a certain level. If so, does that mean that i can work on strength training and speed every day if my body lets me? How would i go about finding out what my training age actually is? I just turned 22 and i started sprinting in high school at age 18 but i had always played baseball before then. But never any serious full time training or even weight training before now.

No you can’t work on speed and strength everyday cause nobody’s body would let them. Of course if you are slow and weak, as most young people would be (though at 22 you are not young in that sense), then you could work more on speed and strength because you wouldn’t have the capacity to tax the CNS. It is the same principle with the taper period…the faster the athlete, the longer the recovery that is needed.

You could train extremely hard until you got diminishing returns, and then level off your training. For example, during a training session take a given exercise, and work up to a max weight or speed. After establishing a max drop down to 90% of the the weight or 95% of the speed. Hit reps or intervals until performance drops below given %. Not sustainable more than 4 weeks but it would shock your system. Look at how Tudor Bompa trained Charlies athletes. Always wipe from front to back!!!