documentation: "World's fastest Men" --MUST SEE THIS(1h/450MB) with CF,GAT,Ben ....


i could imagine that this was posted on this board, but i decided to upload it(Man, that took 4h).

Anyway: Its a documentation about the fastest Men in history and present.
Hosted by Michael Johnson.

With Interviews from Charlie(so i guess he should know what docu i mean) and Ben and Carl and Gatlin and many Olympic-champs.

Its about different topics like training and so on…

Its one of my favourites(besides HSI-Docu) and hope that some ppl download it to discuss it or just enjoy.

Its about 450MB, but its worthy !!!



checking the link i saw that megaupload requires a 2-day membership for 5 bucks. But it wil go with paypal.

Dont know why, i guess its because of the large file…

Of course its worth, but maybe Thor or some “webspace guy” could DL it. (Sorry, i dont wanna force to pay you :slight_smile: ).

But maybe its just here in Germany or whatever - im not an web-expert as you see…

But i cant upload the stuff again for about 4 h .

Now i saw that ita just free for up to 250MB.

Wish i could have seen this earlier…

By the way: whats up with ? I wanted to Upload there but it doesnt work.

Good night, now it midnight and i m gonna sleep :slight_smile:

great that you want to share it,
a bitch that we’ve got to pay :o

maybe i can get a workaround on that file,
but u need the file name of the movie.,
If i have a workaround, i’ll post it here.


were did you get it from!
Yousend it is working i used it last nite. Yousendit lets u send a gig.

I dont know where i got it from. I have so much stuff on my comp…

I have another great docu called “sprint analyses 1982”. i m gonna upload this one too.

Has anybody downloaded the WFM-doku so far?

you should reupload it to yousendit or ask thor to upload it on his server.

have you read the things i said before?

ask mr. Thor(he’s hosting loads of movies).
maybe he’s got some webspace you can upload to.

Oh , this should be a very good material,
damn it we can´t download it :frowning:

Didn’t we go through this before? I have a copy of the vid. Has anyone tried to put it on google video?

it looks like its broken after ~25min. :s

edit 1: fixed it with other player :slight_smile:

edit 2: even with VLC player it stops around the end when MJ goes to the nike lab

Exactly…use google video.


ok im lost, what do you type in to get it on goole video. I typed in the titles and i found nothing

I meant someone should put it on google video. I didn’t mean it was already there.

has anybody DLed so far. Maybe there will be some other guys to upload it again…

But maybe i can do so tomorrow. Lets see, if my free-time is enough :slight_smile:

Tks for your help PJB

I willl download this tommorow or more like later on today after I get hoem from work.

you know what:

i m uploading the f* vid right now at .

I m calling you in about 4h.

But please download the vid - its so great!

we’ll download the vid.
But why don’t you uplaod the vid at night, while asleep??
than it doenst take your time.