Do you guys know of any good sprint coaches in Australia?

Hi Guys,
I’m looking for a good coach that semi follows CF’s training system. And in the area i’m in(Cairns, Queensland) it seems that every so called coach just makes everyone do speed endurance on a daily basis and they seem to coach about 8-9 athletes at a time. Anyway can any of you guys reccommend anyone? I can’t seem to get my head around periodization or else I’d probably have a crack at coaching myself. Thanks guys any help you can give me would be great.

thanks for helpin guys(sarcasm detectors should be going off about now).

perhaps Ian King would know of some…not sure of how he trains his athletes but I found a guy named Michael Khmel, no idea about how good he is…other option might be to go here… out location and maybe find a club nearby, call or email them to see if they sound like smart dudes who can help you out…sorry if none of this helps :confused:

I’ll give them a buzz tomorrow.

Yes, DB Hammer.

Shanco, what is your performance level? Events/PB’s?

I was running 10.9 - 11 flat with relatively no athletic or weight training in grade 12(I was strictly a baseball player back then). I’m absolutely positive I can smash those times if I had good coaching. I’ve been working on weight training(hypertrophy stage) for about 8 weeks now. My normal events are the 100 and the 2. I took a year off after my last race when I tore my right calf muscle. Can you think of any coaches? Its hard to find good coaching in this country. When I lived in Eugene Oregon in the US(grade 12), there were track coaches left right and centre(I suppose thats why they call it tracktown USA).