Do you eat your tuna raw?

I just had my first bite of tuna ever, straight from the can, and all I can say is: Pure cat food!
When fried it was passable - poor mans chicken.
Any tips on how to make it more “exciting”?

I usually ad low fat mayonnaise and add to cold pasta and sweetcorn, or i add mayo and put it into a jacket potato. Or you could try this, tis rather good:

You can substitute any tinned fish and any kind of beans; try salmon and red kidney beans, or sardines with butter beans. This is much easier to make if you can get hold of a mixing bowl, but a plate will do.

Essential Ingredients

1 tin tuna in oil
1 tin black-eye beans - drained
1 egg
A little oil for frying
Burger buns or bread

Optional Ingredients

1 onion - finely chopped
2 tsp plain flour Herbs
Salt & Pepper


First make breadcrumbs by toasting a couple of pieces of bread or a bun and crumbling it up. Break the egg into your cup and beat thoroughly. Drain the oil from the fish into your pan. Mash the beans with a fork or something as smooth as you can get them. Using your hands, mix together the mashed beans, fish, onion, herbs and seasoning; then add half the beaten egg and some of the breadcrumbs and sort of knead it all together until you get a firm consistency you can make into patties that’ll stay like that for a bit. You may need a bit more egg … or some more breadcrumbs. Dust the burgeres with a little flour if you have it, and leave them on a covered plate somewhere cool for about half an hour (to help them firm up and keep their shape when you cook them).

Add a little more oil to your pan and heat it, then fry the burgers for 5-10 minutes on each side. Serve in a bun or some bread. Tomato or chilli sauce would go well with this.

eat it japanese style…

my question, Thor, is - WHY would a Norwegian eat canned tuna? Any time I have been in Norway, I have seen ample supplies of fish, even for breakfast. Why bother with the stuff that us land-locked folks have to be content with?

It’s cheap, and so am I!
On a serious note, I’m just trying to up my intake of protein and thought that a can of tuna would be a fast and convenient meal, like a bit of chicken. I wouldn’t use it for dinner.

Love Tuna myself. Try adding it to corn, or make it into a pita sandwhich with roasted red peppers and some mushrooms and add a dash of diced tomatoes, its aweomse!

Quick question about salmon:

Is there a problem having it “smoked”?? I prefer smoked salmon vs any other way.

As far as i’m aware there’s not a problem with having smoked salmon compared to non-smoked. I believe the only nutritional difference is the fact that one’s smoked and the other isn’t…

geez Thor for someone so cheap you sure are picky

do you like spice? Banana sauce i.e. polynesian is tasty.

have tuna + rice + sweetcorn
or tuna in ommlette

or look in bodybuilding sites - they always have stuff about tuna

i have tuna every day for lunch at school.
i mix it with low fat mayonaise and slap it on some bread.

In Austarlia our tuna companies make little snack tins of flavoured tuna, such as lemon and cracked pepper, tuna malay, sundried tomatoes and basil to name afew. These rock.
If you can’t get these try adding a dressing made from olive oil, lemon juice, orange rind and fresly ground herbs of your choice. This stuff taste really good on crackers with cheese or sandwiches.

It’s superb dressed with balsalmic vinger and carrots and onions.

I think tuna is great just as long as it isn’t by itself.

I like tinned tuna and flax oil, then again I like Haggis. :smiley:

But I thought acid enzymes (for digesting fish/meat/bread/rice)
cancell out alkaline enzymes (fruit and veg/salad.) so
how does that make it o.k to have tuna AND veg/salads (delicous) in the same meal?
I’ve read NOT to combine like that in the same meal. :confused:

Sorry about that.

I much prefer your little Brislings packed in olive oil from the good folks in Stavanger to a can of tuna.

Otherwise try tuna steaks or fillets lightly searded on the barbeque or grill.


I eat it raw (you learn to love it),
prep time 20sec (open tin splat on plate)
eating time 1min (once you get your mouth moving)
clean up 20sec (put in sink walkaway)

2min for about 45g protein and some efa’s thats not bad, and cheaper then any shake.

What’s efa?

Hell yeah I eat it raw. Open can, add seasoning, eat straight out of can, throw can away. Less clean-up then what a-j mentioned, for sure.

BTW - the seasonings I add have nothing in them, just like garlic seasonings, or even steak seasonings…umm-umm good :smiley:

I figure he means essentia fatty acids though tuna has very little of any fat.