do i have too much cns stress in this routine?

this is an awesome website, i’ve learned alot about things like splitting up high cns stress days and low cns stress days… i was wondering if my current routine has too much cns stress and will lead to a burnt out:

sun-ME upper, sprints/plyos (high cns)

mon- speed endurance (400 x4, 100 x3, with 90 seconds between) (medium cns??)

tues- OFF

WEd-ME lower/sprints (high cns)

Thurs- tempo (low cns)

Friday-speed endurance (100, 200, 400, 1600, 400, 200, 100 with 90 seconds rest between) (medium cns)

Sat-indoor soccer (low-medium cns)


What sport are you training for?

where you might want to start is understanding what exactly defines terms such as pure speed work, speed endurance work, special endurance work( extnded speed endurance) special endurance 1 and 2. What energy systemis addressed with each type of work. Intensity of effort that is required and the rest intervals that you need to follow to accomplish each. 1600m is not a speed endurance distance and a 90 sec rest also mplies that the next rep you are going to do after running that 1600m is definately not going to be 90% to 95% effort. Unfourtunately I don’t have time to give a more detailed answer but start reading and researching in that vien before you even begin to concen yourself with overloading your CNS. That way you can start actually plotting sensible work out schedules even if it is for what one might classify as general recreational fitness. And By the wasy indoor soccer is leaning tohigh intensity unless you are walking throught the game. Lots of short quick start and stop. Stopping big eccentric loads leading to higher intensities . Jumping for headers so on lw to med plyos. Quik changes of direction again higher eccentric loading. get knowledge,it will bring understanding

i am trying to get stronger, faster, and more cardiovascularly fit for soccer…

thanks for replying…
i know what pure speed work is (training at maximal velocity for several sets with long rest periods for full recovery)

Speed endurance ( i think is training at 90-95%full speed with shorter rest periods)… i guess maybe i could drop the 1600m, but since i am not training to be a PURE sprinter i thought adding the mile in the middle of my speed endurance session would be benficial to a soccer player…

I will search the other things you mentioned, but i was still hoping that someone could tell me whether or not the above routine is overdoing it, or if it is good…


Watch the outcome of tour program over time: if your results in any of the high intensity parameters stop improving,then you are probably overdoing things. Remember different parameters improve at different rates,so you may want to allow for progress in one area,while stepping or just holding back a bit in another one,but always keep an eye well opened on the general trend of things,and do not wait for everything to be stalled to make a change,it will be way too late…

Now back to the program outlined: being rather familiar with the soccer world,I understand it will sound weird or even inappropriate,but trust me on this:your speed endurance sessions won’t make you either fitter, stronger,or faster,and will offer quite a helpful hand to plateau or even regression of your current fitness,strength and speed instead! Just leave them out,substituting them with accuratedly designed tempo and general fitness sessions,or even an extra off day…

thanks fopr the post… Hmm that does seems weird that speed endurance is bad… so does it ever have a place in ones training??

Yes, but not necessarily for soccer. I would follow pakewi’s advice if I were you.

Its discussed in depth in the Van’02 DVD! Charlie explains exactly what is required for each sport. Very, very interesting.