Discomfort behind the knee..

Does or has anyone here suffered from discomfort behind the knee (on and around the tendon attached to the hamstring)? I oringinally had the pain in my left leg…the pain subsided but came back in exactly the same place in my right leg. I only feel this pain when my leg is in the ‘recovery phase’ (leg under buttock) of sprinting…otherwise i’m ok. If i do a full warm up and stretch along with 3-4 60m build ups I’m ok…but if for any reason I don’t run straight away (do a sprint session or compete) I can’t run with out discomfort in that area. Note:driving (Blocks or 3 point starts) i feel little to no pain. The only position that causes this pain is kneeling (really painful!! :eek: ) Has any one got any remedies? Right now I’m really contemplating on writing of most of the outdoor season because I can’t perform at 50%!!! :mad: Charlie? Anyone!

If I was you I would get multiple opinions if possible, try GP and a physio (+maybe experienced coach) independently of each other if you can.

Description above is too vague to suggest even possible cause.

Do you ever get it while in the bottom position of a full squat?

Hi Narked. Yes I do. Get this discomfort when ever the joint closes to the point where my calf is touching my hams. For example: kneeling on the floor,going into a full squat position…hence my cause for concern cos as you guys know if i can’t bend my knee without discomfort I complete the cyclic phase of the sprint motion!!

This happened to me once and it was asymptomatic other than running and squatting. The symptoms lessened but without any treatment whatsoever other than a reduction in the volume of running and a switch to deadlifts it healed up completely in about 2 months. I have no idea what happened. But I learned my lesson. No more bench or squat cycles, just good old fashioned hard work and time.

Interesting…The thing is I always seem to get this problem when I go into my speed phase (multiple block/drive run sessions & accel runs etc) but its usually on the left leg (my front leg in the blocks) After some experiments and modifications to my blocks I now place my right foot on the front pad (I find I can react quicker and stronger) now low and behold the pain and discomfort comes onto this side. Is or could there be a connection or is this just coincidence? Anyone got any views on this???

After a few sessions with my Physio she has concluded that the problem is Neural and not Muscular. I’m doing neural stretches for the leg twice a day.She also thinks there could be a link between this and creatine. Has anyone else here suffered from the same thing? I’ve taken a total of 2.5 weeks of training and it has started to feel better. Please note its not cramp in the bicep femoris. Its more in the lower attachment of ham/start of calf. Charlie have you any ideas on how to get rid of this pain?!

You mention going to your “speed phase”. can you give us more detail as to the structure of your annual plan, as this is a recurrant theme.

i had this same problem but it occured b/c i was sitting in indian style for like 6hrs straight studying for my ap tests. after 2 days straight of studying, it was really hard to sit back in indian style and straighten my legs afterward i got out of it b/c the tendons behind the knees hurt a lot. it only lasted for about a month for me…

Charlie when I talk about the ‘speed phase’ I refer to the implimentation of fast runs 20’s,30’s etc (either flying or from blocks). As for a structure…a bit up in the air at present! As I explained in an earlier thread about not having a coach, I’ve hooked up with a group in East London. Its a great group with guys running between 10.2 - 10.7 so I fit in nicely! I’ve just joined them so I don’t have any kind of structure or training program that I can show you. As an update on the pain I have noticed that a long warm up with plenty of stretching and runs helps alot. I’m taking anti-inflams and contrast baths after training (thanks Charlie!) which has helped considerably. :wink:


Have you had a reoccurrence of this problem, or seen a physician about it lately? I’m curious to know if it’s some form of hamstring tendonitis.

The reason I as is because the symptoms you describe are similar to what I’m experiencing after a pure speed session (i.e. 2x4x35m). It doesn’t seem to bother me after SE1 or SE2. I also find that with a long warm up and proper stretching the day before and after, the pain kept to a minimum.


This occurred in a friend of mine (a 110mH) we discovered the problem to be the popliteus. In addition we were able to improve things with stretching the soleus and gastroc provided! the knee was tracking the the 2nd toe when stretching. The tight muscles (particularly the soleus) were causing some torquing upon toe off.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the info Randy!!

I’ve done a bit more research on the popliteus, and I think you may have steered me in the right direction as far as my problem is concerned.

I found a great site with various stretching exercises I can do to minimize the damage caused by sprinting. I’ve done some of these stretches for 2 days now and noticed a difference already in relief.

My biggest problem I think is that I toe-out when I run. It never bothered me when I was young, but the body ain’t what it used to be :). I need to be more conscious then ever when it comes to form.