Dimas Oly Lifting 1993, Video Clip



I rember seeing this a while ago. It’s amazing how he just cleans the weight and places it ont eh rack to do front squats with! :smiley:

sorry for digging up this thread, but…shit the man is freak, i have seen him up close and the strange (well not strange but whatever) thing is that he is very average sized but his wrists where the size of my ankle, man, his forearms where like cut out of wood.

which brings me to this, is wrist size a good indicater of potential strength?

Awesome…I played the clip over and over. The clean technique is flawless. Makes it look easy.

I think it also gives an idea why oly’ lifters are such good short sprinters; Jerk - lower and catch - Jerk; cleans are somewhere short as an athlete’s attempt to duplicate oly’ lifters short speed qualaties.

Download the entire clip using this URL:


Are there any more where this came from?


I made all those clips from Ironmind tapes…

damn they get around :eek:

kind of regret it now…

To those who have seen a few of the training hall tapes, have you got a favorite? Does 2001 Creating Champions have some good technique pointers in it?

TC i tried to download it but it wouldn’t let me. Can you help me out? Thanks


Hope this one works…

Go to the putfile site so the clip is playing in media player. Right click on the clip and select Properties. At the bottom it will say location: xxxxxxwhateverxxxxxxx

copy and paste this into your browser and so long as your browser is set up to download rather than open media content automatically you should be able to download it.

This worked for me…

I think I remember reading that the Eastern bloc countries used to measure forearm and calf girth to find potential in the younger kids. I have a pro hockey player I train and he’s an enforcer. He was voted in the top 3 in the WHL by the players his last 3 years. He’s 6’1 1/2 and 220 but his forearms are so strong it’s freaky.

His split jerks look amazing, why’d he change to power jerks in his later years?

that man is a super beast, I played the clip 4 or 5 times.

Injuries and operations throughout his career in knees, elbows, shoulders might have something to do with it; there was another member of the team (Kachiasvilly -sp?), who started using -introduced perhaps to the group- this technique with great success. I am not sure about the advantages as a technique, but they were both able to get much lower and overhead squat basically the weight at the highest loads (see Atlanta and Sydney).

As an experienced olympic weightlifting coach there are only about six lifters in the world who use the power or squat jerk when in competition.

You have to be super strong and super flexible to get under the bar.

You have only one place to go which is straight down.

Andy :rolleyes:

Very impressive! What else can you say? Dimas rules!

Hi Heatwave,

yes dimas does rule. Here is something else that is impressive. A friend of mine who used to be a competitive lifter in seattle was in atlanta at the 96 olympics. He saw dimas four days before he competed in the 85kg class. He said that he was weighing 100kg and just huge.
So how he got that 15kg off in 96 hours is beyond me even with diaretics. And still win

Andy :eek:

Andy, those guys do some brutal things to their bodies to lose the weight at the last minute. I don’t know either, what all they do. You may know of the American champion, Oscar Chaplain. I read in an interview once where he mentioned cutting weight as the last days before a meet, and it sounded really rough. He didn’t go into great detail, but he did mention basically not eating for three days and I believe he also said something about being in a steam room.

Hi Heatwave,

Yes you are right they do really some brutal things. I being almost 50 I am from the old school of reducing the body weight.

I have heard of oscar chapman but the lifters i knew coming from the usa where competetors in the 70’s and 80’s.

I emigrated to vancouver from scotland in 1988 and have been coaching ever since as the BC jnr province coach. In 1999 we were in NewFoundland for a jnr national games were there was wrestlers competing. Well these kids were bone racks and they were put into steam rooms to make the body class.

How they were healthy is still beyond me

Have a good weekend

andy :o