Differences about Tempo , special endurance , speed endurance and accelerations

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I´ll be so glad if you could explain to me these concepts and introduce some samples of workouts of each one.

When it´s more adecuate to introduce them in the seasson ? (GPP,SPP1 or SPP2)

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Acceleration: up to 30 m
Speed Endurance: 80-150 m
Special Endurance: 300-600 m
Tempo: ~2K in 100-200 m intervals at ~75%

Please, use the search button for more info on all of these!!
Even better, get CFTS from the shop!!!


2 x (4 x 30m) with 5 minutes btwn reps, 10 min btwn sets

2 x (3 x 20m) flying runs 20m run up 3 min btwn reps, 6 min btwn sets


At 75% of best time or slower

2 x (4 x 200) 45 secs btwn reps, 90 secs btwn sets



rest 30 secs btwn reps, 90 secs btwn sets

Speed and Special Endurance

I don’t know much about because I only train for sports (short accels). I think special endurance is something like:

2 x 300 with 20 min recovery btwn reps or something?

Lot of thanks again,I´ve just used the search function but it is so difficult to find some specifical information about that concepts. :frowning:

I´ve been thinking in get the book and some of the dvds but for now I need to wait until I can afford it (that´s something that I hope to do soon :o )

By other side I´ve got some more questions like:

-it´s good to do weigths a few hours before you do special endurance ? (I´ve found that special endurance must be synergistyc with strenght work)

-What´s the intensity to performe special endurance?

-it´s ok performe special endurance on grass hills?

-during special endurance,should you focus on technique or better on near top speed?


when you say flying runs,are you meaning downhill runs?

It´s good that kind of work for GPP?

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Flying means with a run in. So run up of say 20m and then as fast as you can for 30m.

Don’t run downhill unless you want to get injured!


I have to say that the lacks of my english skills is killng me :mad: !!!

There are some expressions and words that I can´t understand like this “flying”

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I understand your problem with searching.
Whenever you have some cash, I would first buy the CFTS book -that’s the starting point; as soon as you understand that/the theory, you can start applying things and the DVDs are extremely helpful!

Weights before, or after your running is a matter of discussion for some; if it’s a few hours before your running (e.g., 4h at least), it might be ok, only for Special Endurance though. Having said that you must have a very good reason to put priority to weights vs. running; running comes first 99% of cases!!

Intensity depends on your level and also race pace (e.g., for 400 m). I wouldn’t go slower than 90% though, when some good training capacity has been built.

You could use Special Endurance in long hills, yes; have a look at the “Lactate Threshold” thread and comments made by KitKat -he presents his whole programme- Pierre-Jean and Charlie, of course!

Technique: first do it right, then speed it up (CF)

Hope it helps!