Difference between these types of track surfaces...

Just wondering what the difference is between a synthetic track, a urethane track and a mondo track is…Are synthetic tracks the cheaper types of tracks that most high schools have that are made of ground up tires? Is a mondo track the thicker type of track that most universities have?
Also- which types of spikes are best suited for these types of surfaces. I know of two different types of track spikes: pyramid spikes and needle spikes…and which size spikes are best suited for these various types of track surfaces (1/8", 5mm, 7mm, 9mm)?

One more question: Where is the best place (website) to order replacement track spike pins? I wear the Nike Maxcat sprint spikes and the shoes are still in good shape but the actual spikes need to be replaced b/c they are really worn. When you order replacement spikes how many usually come with each order and will i be able to screw them in to my current sprint shoes (do all sprint spike pins have the same screw in configuration?). Sorry for all the questions but i need the answers pretty quickly b/c i have to make an order by a certain date.

Thanks for any help.