Difference between strength and power

What is the difference between the two and how would the training for each one differentiate in terms of reps, sets, exercises. Also when periodizing which one should come first.

Strength before power since you need adequate strength to generate power.

Accumulation weights --> Hypertrophy --> Max Strength --> Power-Speed

That’s how I’d do it and how most Westernly periodized programs go.

doesnt David.W recommend against going through a ‘power conversion’ phase?

He certainly does. I believe he’s coming from the school of thought where the most reps you would is 5’s or 6’s. I believe the number of sets change according to what you’re trying to achieve, but in keeping the reps to 5/6 you training for functional hypertrophy, and keeps improving max strength without having to do maximal tests every 4-8 weeks.

I’ve had no problem getting hypertrophy from low reps - 2 to 5reps, as long as the total reps per exercise is still high (for hypertrophy.)
e.g even 4 x 3, or 5 x 3 reps.

So what does this “Power Conversion” phase look like and how would you implement it with my above-stated method of periodization?

The reason why you don’t need a power conversion phase (as a sprinter) is because if you are always doing high quality sprinting, then you are always converting the strength to power. Sprinting provides significant RFD training.

Thanks xlr8. So my method is probably best?

If you are training consistently all year I would go straight into a max strength after a very small accumulation weight phase when in between outdoors and indoors.

ie: I would start 3-1-3 cycles right from GPP onwards and then taper accordingly.

I dont know how XLR8 feels about that though :slight_smile:

I really look at only three phases throughout the year:

Accumulation, max strength and maintenance.

Conversion happens all the time through sprinting. Power speed is really developed all the time as well, but it manifests during maintenance when volumes drop because recovery is better. I don’t spearate accumulation and hypertrophy. If hypertrophy work needs to be done, then roll it into accumulation, but for a developed sprinter, this should be pretty minimal.

So, 400, while I use slightly different names, I’d say our approaches match up pretty well. Chris, if I understand you properly, I think you are advocating the same approach as well.

Yes that is exactly what I mean. Thanks again :slight_smile:


The thing is that I’ve heard, since I’m small and underdeveloped (5-10, 155, less than 15% BF) and that I could use a little hypertrophy work (of the functional kind) as well as a power-speed phase to work on conversion, which I guess is unnecessary now that I think about it. But, I heard the hypertrophy would be needed.


Acc. --> Hypertrophy --> Max Strength --> Maintenance


Power = Strength x speed

they are interelated, if you get stronger while maintaining speed you get more powerful. If you get more powerful, chances are you get stronger :slight_smile:

training one will improve the other as long as speed is maintained or improved.

stick to low reps in either case, adjust the sets to suit yourself and where you are in the training cycle.

That’s fine, but like I said before, I don’t make much of a distinction between acc and hypertrophy. In that phase, you will use more bodybuilding methods to lay the foundation for your later max strength work.

So isolation exercises and things of that nature?

I was thinking more along the lines of a few more reps per set and perhaps multiple exercises per body part (for example both bench and incline press on the same day) but I guess you could throw in some isolation stuff if you really wanted to. I find that I get more bang for the buck by sticking with compound movements.

Have you heard of density training and do you know how it goes (setup)?

400 stud, what do you mean by accumalation weights and also I do not think that I need that much hypertrophy so what would you suggest?

Yes im interested in what is meant by accummulation as well?

400, i think i have, isn’t it a large timed set, somewhat like EDT, where you perform as many reps as you can, take a 1 min break, then repeat that process for the given time(say 20 min) and the goal is to beat the amount of reps you did in the previous session each time?