diet and performance

anybody notice a correlation of bad sprinting peformance along with dieting. I always assumed it wasn’t sensitive to performance drop as badly as endurance type sports. Is it a deregulation in neuromuscular potential?

I would imagine if there is an effect it’s more indirect from impaired recovery.

What was your diet like? I assume you went on the low-carb thing. Good for body comp-leaning out, bad for sprint performance/training. You need your glycogen stores to be plentiful to keep your energy levels high during workouts. Yes your primary energy system used during a 5-10 sec sprint is the creatine phosphate, but still need to handle the overall volumes of strength training, sprints, jumps etc… Your liver glycogen stores are low? Blood glucose levels are low? Your body can convert non-sugar like substances into glucose for fuel (i.e. amino acids/skeletal muscle, adipose).

Sounds as if your recovery was impaired to me as well. You need to re-assess your goals and what you are really after. I think your season is just starting, so go for performance first, your body comp/weight will settle itself out naturally if you’re eating fairly clean. Don’t get all caught up in the crazy dieting stuff, you aren’t body building.

Once your season is over I would say then you could start to tweak your diet more to weight loss/body comp goals and maintain your fitness/speed, but right now the important thing is dropping those times.

What do you suggest as sample meal before a speed workout or a track meet. Say if I practice at 5pm what should I eat throughout the day.

I usually eat 2 blueberry waffles and turkey bacon or sausage for breakfast. Then I eat either a turkey, tuna sandwich, or some chicken for lunch. I also snack on southbeach protein bars in between meals. For dinner after my workout I will drink a protein shake and if I am still hungry eat a chicken salad.

To me that sounds alright. Only thing I would say is are you eating fruit or vegetables? I’m guessing you only sometimes have salad, so you may be missing out there. Are the sausages low fat?

glycogen is filled, however if you still are in a caloric deficit you are in a diet no matter how much carbs ingested. So being in a caloric deficit makes you lose weight somehow or another. However from neuromuscular poitn i don’t understand,as muscular muscle is not lost. When i diet i dont lose very much muscle.

Yea I will either eat the salad or have some chicken brwn rice and veggies. I get the veggies in everyday.

Good to hear, just looking out for you :wink: Ha

when you’re dieting you reduce leptin, simpatic stimulus, maybe testosterone, and rise in cortisol level. you experiments a PPARa rise and it help the muscle to burn fat and to show a more “Red,slow fiber type”.
caloric deficit make you slower in the short and long time because you have a lack of hormonal response, and a genetic trascription who put the body in “conservative” state.

if you want to diet, do it in the preparation period or in rest period.

interesting, cause my first race was half a second slower then my PB and this was putting in half a year worth of training. Only now am i starting to improve again.

And were you dieting heading into your first race, and now you are eating more again??

yeah i was on the verge of ending my diet after my first race. After that race i immediately went back to eating maintenance, so now everything is good an i’m lighter but performance is still shit. 60m dash is 7.8ht when it used to be 7.2-3ht. Good thing is that race was the first time using blocks in a whole year, i always do fall starts or 3pt starts since i don’t have blocks.

To lose 5 or 6 tenths in a 60 is a lot!!! What do you think are the reasons for that? I have noticed you are very concerned with your diet Senri, much like me. I sometimes find it becomes all consuming and I get obsessive about it. Do you find the same? Would be interesting to chat more with you about what you have done nutrition wise and what you have found has worked etc…

May be worth a read

Keep your protein high. Load up on Vitamin B and C to boost your immune system.

“All of the training in the world won’t overcome a diet that sucks.”

i gain weight easily, i was 151lbs looked very nice for someone with 12% bodyfat, but was weak. Gained back to 161-165lbs which is 4-5lbs difference from when i started. And i feel alkot better. Body hates losing weight, i have easy time gaining fat, my partitioning ratio of fat muscle absorbtion must be stupid.

all of that was fine, but as long as i’m in a caloric deficit everything is shit. All a high protein will do is lessen the amount of total muscle lost.

All a high protein will do is lessen the amount of total muscle lost.

No protein does much more. Lots of evidence on higher HG spikes and high protein diets.

not when your on a caloric deficit. For that to happen i have to be in a caloric surplus, i wasn’t thus the performance suckage.