Determing imbalances

How would one be able to determine flexibility or strength imbalances without having to go to anyone?

It’s crazy how if something is wrong in one part of the body, it can affect something else in the body

try Athletic Body In Balance by Gray Cook

Yeah, Athletic Body in Balance is godd for that. And/or just do Core Performance. It doesn’t get after the imbalances specifically, but it works to correct asymetries (?).

General imbalance problems can be correct with specific stretching and specific strengthening.
A mix of therapy, ems and training can be an advanced solution.

First at all, an health muscle is a muscle can move at full ROM.
Start from this.

Just don’t start stretching everything and expect things to be wonderful.

My boss was telling me about a client he had years ago that had some really tight muscles in around her hips. He started loosening her up only to have opened a huge bag of worms because those muscles were tight because the other muscles surrounding the joint weren’t doing their job. Needless to say she was in agony for a few weeks.

Muscle tests are the first step for find imbalances.
The you can do what you want, there are much kind of therapies.

Basic rule is stretch and strengthening.

I would always send them off too the physio. They are the specialists in this area, you’re paying them not just for what they tell you but what they’re ruling out. It’s like a physio reading a training book and then coming and trying it on your athletes.

You can’t master everything.