hey guys i thought of posting a new thread for a new season last winter was shit injuries no specific endurance .
but hope i 'll be back to my pbs and improve them
i hit the track for first training session after the national
i’ll be training 3 times weekly(no time exams)
i did in todays session


rest 4 min betweens each group and 1 min between each run
the weight training

complex training
(side-to-side squat,step-up,lunge,squat) each exersise 6 rep after the squat i should do 6 jumps but the bar was killing my neck no foam.
i did 3 sets of complex at 20 kg
then dead lift
315 reps at 30 kg
then militarry press inclind 3
i should have done the bench press and shoulder pulls but i was dead
good for 1st session lets see how the next will go

the second session which i did today tuesday i couldnt go yesterday i had to much work any way i did today
run 1 jog the other 3 sets 3 min rest between sadly i was sick today and i didnt do the 3rd set so tommorrow i will do the weight lifting hopefully i get better

i did (150*3)*3 rest was 50 sec between rep
3 min between sets
then i hit the gym session way great i did

  1. Dead Lifts2. Bench Press3. Lunges4. Lat Pull Downs5. Romanian Dead Lift6. Military Press7. Back Squat (half Squad)8. Seated Rows
    each was 50% of max weight 15 reps 4 sets

(200+100+100+200+200)*3 run 1 jog the other
5 min between sets
nice cool session then weight lifting

  1. Dead Lifts2. Bench Press3. Lunges4. Lat Pull Downs5. Romanian Dead Lift6. Military Press7. Back Squat (half Squad)8. Seated Rows
    50% of max weight 15 reps 4 sets

sorry forget to mention last session date which is 21/5/2006
todays session 23/5/2006 still recovery period u’ll say what did i do to recover from i just started a week ago but i dont like to push it 1st week and 2nd. its better for me second to be relaxed to get used to it
anyway i did
recovery 50 sec between 150s and 4 min between sets runs werent that easy like 75% speed maintained technique through the whole distance
then gym session where i did the usual gym session metioned above

(200+100+100+200+200)*3 run 1 jog the other
5 min between sets
didnt do wieght training no time lots of studying


(310)2 recovery bet set 5 min
20 recover bet rep 2 min then 5 min after doing all 4
60 20 meter H&R recovery 2 min
i thought of starting sprints before i finish exams to be in good form for sprinting as i wont be able to get ready and reach form of competion in 1 month

i did the normal wieght training
exams on sunday and monday will training next tuesday probably will do tempo

6/6/2005 tuesday
i did tempo session and weight lifting i did the weight lifting first

3*(3*150) 60-70% 60 sec rep 4min set
weight training 1 hour before tempo

sprint session
5 min rest between
hand timed and on my start
everyone at my club are wondering and say to me why are u doing sprints still the championship is in august
well keep them wondering cuz i see it normal
and it suits me
am i correct guys

tempo session
3*(3*150) 30 sec recovery rep
3 min set
wasnt a great session i was worn off

sprint session rep set
230 5 min 5 min
50 6 min 6 min
2*80 8 min 8 min
was great runs
crouch start on my command
30s 3.9sec,4.0 sec
50s 6.1 sec,6.1 sec
80 9.1sec,9.5sec

i forgot to tell u i had aprotien shake after this session

sorry i forgot to write some trainin sessions but i was buys with exams any way to day 18/6/2005
i did sprints with block starts on my command
230 3.8, 3.9
50 i ran 60 instead 7.0 and i didnt time the left runs i did the three piont starts
the recovery was the same as the previous same session

i am back from my holiday at sharm el sheikh and ready to train tmrw 1/7/2006

saturday 1/7/2006
i was supposed to do
250+200+180 10 min rest between
but my legs were like jelly
i ran the 250 in 34 sec and the 200 in 25 i said its not going right
so i quit and didnt do the 180
tmrw will be doing weight training in the morning and tempo in after noon

morning session
weight training
recover 50 sec bet runs and 4 min bet sets
nice easy run on grass
pliometrics then home

did the same tempo session in the staduim i was very sore then we praticed relays i felt much better tmrw will do weight training in the morning

weight training morning session
pilometrics after noon

relay practice with my team mates