I just had a question on how do cut the volume when doing a deload week. I personally do 4 High intensity days (M-Tues-Thurs-Fri) with 2 speed and 2 speed endurance days. With cutting the volume in half, I would understand with my speed days. However, with endurance days I’m not sure with what to do. On my speed endurance days I would do something roughly like 3x150 (95-100%) and 3x3x50m with 2m rest btw reps and 8m btw sets. I feel like the benefits are found with the later reps, so wouldn’t cutting the workout in half be a waste of time and a potential chance of injury.
Any tips/advice thanks.

Just an idea to check this out, but Charlie hand held a coach on film ( 10 day Taper) with the athlete in question showing both coach and athlete how to deload or more interestingly, how to taper for performance.

One key thing Charlie taught me in training but also in life is to work backwards from stuff you think or the stuff you know for sure.

One of his truisms was depending on the audience you will spend all of your time motivating ( personal coaching or training) or monitoring the work to make sure over training is not going on.

I think you might wish to re-visit 4 high intensity days per week.
Do you know what it’s like to get massage every day, sometimes 2 x a day ( only for 10 min or so) and eat everything you are going to perform your best with, proper sleep and lots of water therapy and therapy in general? Yeah, likely not. Me neither but we did our best to replicate anything and all things related to rest and recovery. Charlie felt I needed more therapy as I had ( still do lol) a large leg length discrepancy plus I was ALWAYS tight and not relaxed when I ran. At the end of my training days I had so much more confidence in what I was doing and saw all of my mistakes.
MORE isn’t always better. Sometimes it’s just MORE.
have fun, good luck and take care.

What does it feel like to be properly rested?
I asked this question online yesterday.
bibbyrigby might be young and might have excessive amounts of energy which is not usual for healthy young athletes, both male and female.
Many, but not all elite sprinters are able to sprint up to 3 times a week max, but some are only able to perform max speed and or speed training 2 x per week.
Is it likely that someone is an anomaly? Define sprinter? Sprinter at what level?
Who knows?
I find it unlikely that Charlie the men’s 100m Munich sprinter, turned one of the best 100m coaches in the world did not think it was possible to do Max intensity 4 x per week.
Biddyrigby could try changing volumes and reps and see what happens over a 3 month time frame.
How much active regeneration is biddyrigby doing? Multiple times daily?
Once daily?
What is his diet like?
How does he/ she sleep?
What level is he competing at?
What is your event?
Are you coaching yourself or coached by someone?
Has biddyrigby read all of the content here and has he/she bought any of the lectures to understand how to structure training?
We all get out of things pretty much exactly what we put into them.
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