Deep Wideout Drops?

Anyone know what these are and how they’re done? I’ve seen it referenced in relation to the “Magnificent Mobility” dynamic warm-up DVD.

If you know how to do a wideout its bacially the same as that only your hands are on your knees and you drop down (sink down) with your hands on you knees, turn your feet out and then bounce back up to the starting position.
Sorry. This kind of stuff is difficult to describe without seeing. On Defrancos site I think he has a pic. of wideouts. Perhaps you can put the rest together of what I said.
Or buy the magnificent mobilty video or the parisi warmup video and that way you can see all the warmup exercises.

Maybe that’s the hang-up. I have no idea what a “wideout” is. Every coach seems to have different names for stuff.

Didn’t see any pics of it at DeFranco’s site, but he did have some nice young ladies doing GHR’s. :).

To be honest, I’m too cheap to buy a DVD for $50.

Under the WSSB 2 Article on his site there is a pic of a kid doing wideouts.

Ahh, now it all makes sense. I thought it was something like that. Thanks!