Deep Squat and Deadlift

Deep Squat and Deadlift in one workout session. Recommended or no?

Moderate intensity for squat but high intensity on deadlift.

Depends! How old are you? How long have you been lifting? What rep range are you going?

im 16 years old, been weight lifting for 1/2 a year.

i use to do 3x5 deep squat 90% and 3x8 deadlift . today is lower body day again, i wanna see if i have to make some changes =D.

I did squats and deads heavy in the same workout for about 5 months when i was 19. The result: Put on 25 pounds, ran faster, jumped higher. Everyone thought i was using something bad.

I do both in the same session all the time these days

have been for the last 6-7months. Going right to the limit as well

Are you using DB’s methods to regulate the session i.e rotation, drop-offs etc? If so, do you train maximum lifts? I like the idea of training both, but they really could frazzle you if you’re not careful.

i use dynamic effort for squating and maximal effort on deadlift.

Whats your training age (track) events and PBs?

What is the running/sprinting portion of your program looking like?

I did heavy deads, squats bench etc after speed and ended up burning myself out. I was strong but I was slow… (12.00 FAT in the 100m)

I did NOT have an adequate base at the time though.

Looking to run 11.50s this fall