Deep Friction Massage. Heat Or Cold preapplication?

Attn: All regeneration specialists.

In reagards to deep friction massage are you supposed to heat the area being treated before you apply the massage, cold on the area first, or do neither? :confused:

when dealing with the likes of achilles where the blood supply is poor the use of heat is essential to loosen the tendon allowing for deeper work to afterwards.muscular would be the opposite but the ice afterwards is always the same for all

Can you clarify the bold. Thanks.

I agree and would add that you should progress into the tendon work carefully. When the tissue has a limited blood supply at the best of times, you should do what you can to promote the best supply you can get. Along with the preliminary heat, I’d massage the calf and ham muscles first. I know the rule is to work from extremeties towards the heart but this is far more effective.

I’m confused, isn’t that what you’re doing when massaging those areas first (calfs and hams)? or do you mean with respect to the achilles?

that’s my point. I don’t follow the rule. If I did, I’d have to start from the achilles and work up.

What if you have lateral colateral knee ligament or PCL injury would the protocol still be the same?

I wouldn’t personally work on the injured area. i’d get a specialist in- but I would work the surrounding and higher areas to ensure optimal circulation and I’d check for the contributing factors. Among possible causes or contributing factors could be improper foot strike (calling for good orthodics) or from VMO wasting (calling for EMS muscle building.)