Deadlift for hamstring

Should I emphasize my hamstring exercise on deadlift? I know it’s better if you do reverse leg press but idont have gym access. But i thought deadlift work on your back instead,

Great exercise for the hamstrings. Try it with one leg at a time.

deadlifts are all about the p-chain and smash ur hamstrings.

Would you like to explain your thesis more ?

Who me? In case you are referring to me, deadlifting is primarily a hip extension exercise, the p-chain are the hip extensors, and the hamstrings are included in the p-chain…

standard grip deadlift is my favorite exercise!!

Best bang for the buck for your whole body (especially pos chain) period imo

If I could only do two strength exercises it would deadlift and standing barbell shoulder press

Those two with the powerclean are all you really need :slight_smile:

should i do both 1/2 squat, deadlift, and powerclean in th same day? they are my only lower body exercise.

To be honest d’lifts are nice, but Charlie’s ham exercises (done on the horse)on the DVD are very good, believe me. D’lifts are not the only way to train hams and since so many biomechanics studies site hams and adductor magni as prime movers that need real attention; I do not think that dead lifts alone will develop the sufficient power and strength needed at the hip and knee.

Along with Charlie’s ham exercises check out “Explosive Running” by Micheal Yessis for more ham exercises. These exercises recruit only a relatively small % of muscle mass per session.These exercises do not affect the CNS as much as squats, cleans and bench, they can probably be done almost everyday. Check CF’s post on this subject,