DCW (psoa, psao release?)

or anyone who recognizes the term.

I remember you talkin to Kenny Mac about a psoa release? It was concerning Kenny’s range of motion in his hips. I know what muscle your talkin about, and i’m almost certain I spelled it wrong but. My question is, what are some specific stretches that can be done to help this. I know of a few athletes who could use this. Now that their regular season is over, and their coaches are out of the picture I can expose them to some different stretches other than the 5 or 6 they do at their usual practice. :sing:

Usually the psoas release involves ART to allow the muscles in the area to move over each other freely.
Any recommended stretches for this area?

I was about to ask the same question last night.

Thanks Treble.

I’m going to the ART tomorrow. I’m going to ask them about some stretches.

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Let us know how that goes.

We’ll do!

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Ok, seriously. My athletes don’t exactly have ART money.:frowning: Not to mention I have no idea where the closest location would be in my area.(Chicago) I do have an athlete who just came home from school who’ll be attending the US champs in the 200m. We only have about a week or two to get ready, and I wanna make sure he’s prepared.

In my opinion, the psoas major is perhaps the most overlooked muslce group in regards to ROM.

Three suggested stretches…I will post them Monday evening…

I will upload 5 stretches that I use on a regular basis monday after taking a few digital shots.

Thanx a million:clap:

I will send them to you directly…if you could U2U me your email address…this is for obvious reasons…some people don’t whant to be viewed by thousands of people.

I will post more info later…

A good stretch to use is a lunge forward whilst on one knee.

Here’s another one that uses a chair.

Remember to go easy!

This area is quite susceptible to spasm. The stretching is good for maintenance, but you do often need to get in there and release it. Visiting a therapist is often a good move. They can show you how to release this area yourself.

Anyone have pics of these stretches that Clemson uses?

Adbrauner, check out the web site that dcw23 posted. It seems to have a lot of usefull stretches.