Day before a meet

What should I do in terms of preperation on the day before a meet? I want to set a PR in my events, and I am all ready to go.

How should I prepare the day before?
My uncle being a past sprinter, recommended eating plenty of carbs.

Here are his suggestions, I copied and pasted them from my email. His PR’s by the way are- 400- 45.(Something??), 100m- 10.3, long jump, 24ft, 200m- 21.08
Think his main even was 400. anyhow, here it is in his own words… feel free to add comments

The day before a meet do an easy jog, couple jumps, making sure that your
measurments for the long jump or high jumps are right on. and alot of
streches. i don’t know if you can find sauna or not it is a good
prepration, your muscle will be ready for the race, if not then sit in
a warm bath or jaccuzi , lots of water…
on the day of a meet, eat a big breakfast at 9am and a bagle at 12pm,
liquid only in the morning, and just sips before the race/

remember streches/warmup is the most important part of your race, if someone
else can help you, you will improve on being flexible.

The only thing I do the day before a race is: resting, resting and resting!!!
And a sauna?? Then you become lazy, take a shower!!

i dont like saunas the day be4 competition

it makes u dehydrated and makes my muscles really jelly and unresponsive…and usually fatigued as well…its about as bad as a really deep massage b4 meet in my opinion

it personally makes me feel real loose, and relaxed and sometimes takes a lot of pain away.

I had some good results doing tempo-themed work. A coach once had me do 15x100m VERY easy and relaxed, barefoot in grass, concentrating on form. Hurdle mobility can feel nice as well.

Personally I like to activate a little speed with a couple starts or a couple of strides, but very limited. My coach now in college likes for us to lift light and fast with bench usually as the main exercise as a neural workout the day before meets.

As far as heat goes, baths are nice… now that I can’t really do that at school I’ll take a hot shower and not allow myself to become groggy by sleeping too much.

Charlie Francis:

“I would do starts the day before only if the day before that was totally off- otherwise, I’d chill. As my old coach, Percy used to say: “Never stand when you can sit. Never sit when you can lie down!”
If they had heats and finals, they’d take the day off. If they had a straight final, there were two options:
A: They could take a few starts the day before and take the day before that off.
B: If that wasn’t an option- there was a meet on what would have been an off day, for example, the day before would be off and an easy loosening warm-up would be done in the AM before breakfast. (just enough to raise the metabolism slightly throughout the day to make preparations for the final easier.)”

Would worry about impact on muscle tone. But if it ain’t broke…

I generally take the day off. I may however get in the pool (1-1.5 m deep) and do some EASY running or walking nothing hard.

I have found that My last training session (2 days before) is competition warmup only.

It is something you will have to work out, but less is better

My sons coach has them take a 5-7 minute ice bath followed by a shower at the end of the day before a meet practice that consists basically of a light practice, maybe practicing handoffs or starts. Is this a good idea?

Yes its a good idea but 5-7 mins in an ice bath in my opinion is a waste of time. It takes at least 10 mins for the ice to penetrate deep enough and have an effect.


Personally I like to go to the track and do the same warmup I’ll do next day before comp.
Then a cooldown.

So actually I do the same thing like the following day in comp, just without the run itself.

Stupid idea/habit?

To deal with tissue trauma, I agree. But, perhaps the day before an event, tissue trauma is less and the goal is more of a stimulus effect rather than a regenerative one. Longer periods (20-30 mins) would therefore not be required, although perhaps 5-7 minutes isn’t optimal either. I haven’t read Ken Knight’s book so I’m just speculating here.

Paula Radcliffe used to take a cold bath the day before an event, though I don’t know if she still does.