David Weck Spiraling Fascia and Sprinting Faster helps gay beat bolt

Read about this in mens health. What are your thoughts?



Maybe he should start training with Steven Seagal also. Anderson Silva has reaped the benefits.

Men’s Health - quite a reputable source for exercise innovation.

Can anyone else help me with my sarcastic remarks? It’s Friday.

Haha. I was just reading that article. I text ESTI for his thoughts. Seagall actually did an interview where he was kinda taking credit for that kick. The guy was an Aikido master granted, but they aren’t exactly known for their front kicks. What a tool. Just like he was a CIA agent. Was pretty good at kicking Kelly LeBrocks butt so I guess he was good for Anderson.

Yea I was wondering about seagal. He has never kicked anyone in his movies. Just arm play and fast hand movements. lol
As for the other dude claiming he is the reason bolt loss to gay. They didnt mention bolt was injured. AS I read the article the whole time I wondered wtf this arm swing looked like. I still really dont get it.

But he created the bosu ball aka bust yo ass ball.

“It’s not just strength training; it’s training in three dimensions.”

That’s what I’ve been doing wrong, I’ve only been squatting in two dimensions!

I learned 15+ yrs ago from Arnold, who trained 40+yrs ago, that during certain movements using dumbbells you Twist or rotate your arms - not for Fascia tension, but for for targeting certain muscles more efficiently.

Maybe now we have found the Problem with Gays Constant BACK problems! This guy is getting Gay to do Stupid BOSU work. Overloading his Back posture muscles, hip flexors, groin ect from Bosu.

good one!:slight_smile:

I always found the 3 dimensions to be a little silly. Last I checked the body is unstable and the ground isn’t. So unless you play your sport during an earthquake, hard to see the benefit. BOSU is for 1/2 men, real men squat on a real ball. Haha

It is sad that this type of bullshit article is going to reach a large population and perhaps influence people to change something that should be very simple. Obviously there is no such thing as journalistic integrity when it comes to fitness publications. Note that not one legitimate sprint coach was interviewed on the subject. The only thing that will result is perhaps the ‘downward spiraling’ of some athletes’ careers should they put stock in this article.

Bolt was injured and fulfilling his end of the contract (i.e. running the race). Gay took advantage of the situation. End of story.

Anyone have video of this? I don’t see it in this 19.41 run. He has always had slight hand rotation going back years ago.

I don’t think there is any evidence to suggest that it’s BOSU work primarily.

Since I’m not using a BOSU & Gay is, maybe he’s trying to tell us mere mortals something?.

It must be good for something?. Is it great for core work/strength?. :confused:

Original Link: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=bosu+core+exercises

Where does it say Gay is using a BOSU? It just says he is working with the guy that invented it, on his arm technique. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like all proponents of BOSU training for sports performance to go and jump in their nearest active volcano, but let’s not lump Gay in with the BOSU balancing ass clowns without just cause…

From the sounds of it, under the generous assumption that this arm pronation concept actually works, it’s probably best left to the very top 0.5% of athletes in the world to try, not Joe Gymrat who can’t even hold top speed for 15 metres.

Tyson Gay should follow the advice of Zen master, Steven Seagal, the next time a personal trainer offers him advice on sprinting technique:



I tried the spiraling out today. I found it increases more stabilisation (core) & literally eradicated any twisting/core rotation, made me more solid.

Done a little background research on the BOSU. :smiley: Significantly works the (TA) transversus abdominis muscle & inner core. (Hodges & Richardson 1997b) and found that during unilateral leg/arm and limb movements, the transverse abdominis was the first muscle activated, leading researchers to believe that the transverse abdominis must be “pre-programmed by the central nervous system”. It’s one of only 4 muscles (pelvic floor etc) ‘directly’ linked to the CNS by all accounts.

Those key muscles ‘generate’ power before the legs/arms. Certain BOSU exercises (I found 4) overload the “generator”. The instability factor of the ball actually leads to a further increase in the activation of these muscles.

But more significantly, the “generator” doesn’t get worked at the squat rack, performing oly’s etc.

I tried the spiraling out today. I personally found it increases greater stabilisation (core).


ive noticed that gatlin seems to have this hand motion, his palm in front is always poiting towards his face while his hand in back is more neutral

I tried out Steven Seagal’s patented front kick to the face at the supermarket today. I personally found it knocked out the neighborhood housewives quite effectively, making my own personal sense of security more solid.

why do not applied this concept to the lower leg/feet?
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