Dates for New Books?

Hi Guys,
Just wanting to know when Charlie’s new book is coming out. Also when is Chris T’s new book coming out “Non-linear periodization: The shortest distance between two points is not always a straight line”. Will you guys be selling his new book on the site as well?

Re: Charlie’s new books, we dont have any planned at this time.

Re: Chris T, i’m sure we will be carrying it when its ready.


Will the book be paper/hardback or another ebook?

No idea, seriously. When the info is available we’ll post it.


Fair enough, thanks for your time.

Yes, that is correct! The shortest distance between two points is not a straight line, Its a curved line when you are using a globe! Seriously though when you do get the new book Shanco give us a heads up on the content of its material compared to his other two books.

No problem. I’ll post the info when I read through it.
Rupert, I could swear I saw a post by you saying that CF was coming out with another book.

He did, its called the Forum Review Final Edition. This book is NOT the same as the ebook sharing a similar title, it is a PRINT book and covers off the last of our year.

A “manual” is alot of work, especially if its going to bear our signature on it. Expect the best everyone, and try to understand that quality takes time (as i’m sure you are all aware).

Best regards